Celebrating 3 Years Of Growth At Honey & Banana Connect Center

We are proud to celebrate our third anniversary as the leading call center in the Nigerian family planning (FP) landscape! Honey&Banana Connect is an integrated digital ecosystem that is funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and includes Honey&Banana Connect Call Center, social media platforms, apps, Honeyandbanana and BeLydiasmart websites and is linked to over 450 partner clinics nationwide.

The Honey&Banana Connect Call Center was launched in August 2018 as a sexual and reproductive health hub dedicated to improving access to affordable and quality FP and LARC (long-acting reversible contraception) services. Over the last three years, the contact center has evolved from a small operation with six call agents to a nationwide team of 15 call agents who have answered more than 35,000 family planning inquiries in 5 languages. Individuals who call the Honey & Banana Connect call center can interact with the non-judgmental and youth-friendly call center agents in any of their preferred languages: English, Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, and Pidgin. The call center agents address all sexual and reproductive health (SRH) concerns and provide answers to all family planning/contraception questions as soon as possible.

Celebrating 3 Years Of Growth At Honey & Banana Connect Center - Brand Spur
Top enquiries at the call center include: “I just had sex; what should I do?”, “I listened to your radio advert and I want to find out more about pregnancy prevention” and “I want to know the types of family planning method that are available?”.

The Honey & Banana Connect call center is linked to over 450 DKT partner clinics nationwide and refers callers to receive quality FP services in these partner clinics. The DKT partner clinics have been trained to honor referrals for family planning services via these platforms, provide youth friendly LARC services, counsel effectively and attend promptly to women who have been referred for LARC services from the call center.

Celebrating 3 Years Of Growth At Honey & Banana Connect Center - Brand Spur
Over a 12-month period, the Honey & Banana Connect call center agents follow-up every referred caller who adopted a LARC method to ensure that the woman or youth manage contraceptive expectations and side effects and enjoy a pleasant family planning customer experience in DKT partner clinics. More than 92% of reviews from women referred to DKT partner clinics for LARC services have been 4-to-5-star ratings!
Over the last three years, Honey&Banana integrated digital ecosystem has achieved the following milestones:
  • Generated 334,701 calls and 35,755 unique tickets regarding diverse SRH enquiries
  • Generated 9,694 referrals to partner clinics for LARCs and FP services
  • 45% of referrals resulted in a FP method uptake.
  • Honey&Banana connect call center number 55059 is recognized by Truecaller as ‘Honey Banana planning’
  • Honey & Banana Connect has a database of over 450 partner clinics across Nigeria
  • 1,325 free family planning vouchers that were distributed to low-income women to receive LARC method in a partner clinic
  • 95 % of all e-voucher redemptions were for LARC services in DKT partner clinics
  • On the digital space, dedicated social media post for the call center generated over 4,000,078 impressions, 2,996,714 reach and 918,307 engagements.
  • The honeyandbanana website amassed 248,403 website visits, 304,031 sessions and 607,689 page views.

The Honey & Banana integrated digital ecosystem is partnering with diverse organizations like Tulane University (monitoring & evaluation) and MTV SHUGA to leverage strengths that can accelerate the impact of the program. The Honey&Banana Connect call center is featured on MTV Shuga radio campaigns and has addressed nearly 1,100 MTV SHUGA related calls from 35 Nigeria states.

The Honey &Banana Connect integrated digital ecosystem has been playing a critical role in providing high-quality and accessible SRH information and services during the pandemic. The call center alone addressed over 1,100 FP-related inquiries during the covid-19 pandemic (6-weeks) lockdown in 20202. 65% of these enquiries were for referrals to a DKT partner clinic or retail shop for an FP method. The Honey & Banana social media and website platforms have been recording significant reach and engagement from diverse online audiences.

As part of our 3rd Anniversary celebration, DKT Nigeria will be giving E-vouchers for LARC uptake. Call 55059 now for free to grab this limited-time offer.

Celebrating 3 Years Of Growth At Honey & Banana Connect Center - Brand Spur

It has been an interesting journey and we couldn’t have done it without the invaluable support from our invaluable callers, employees, and partners. We are proud of the growth of the Honey & Banana integrated digital ecosystem for the past 3 years and excited about the next phase!

For more information:
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55059 for free
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