Gulder Ultimate Search Returns Amidst High Rate Of Banditry In Nigeria

Gulder Ultimate Search 12: Confusion Reigns As Clans Struggle
Gulder Ultimate Search 12: Confusion Reigns As Clans Struggle

Brand Spur Nigeria reports that Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS) would be returning to our screen and while Nigerian breweries have done a good job of bringing back one of the most favorite shows in Nigeria, there are issues that should be considered before they move forward with the show.

The Gulder Ultimate Search appeals to the human need for adventure, however, there are concerns on whether this is the right time for the show due to the rate of Banditry and Kidnapping in Nigeria.

The Gulder the Ultimate story of man’s quest for a hidden item or treasure resonates with the ability of humans to hunt for a better life and even works better in the context of Nigerians working twice as hard to get that better life they are currently hunting for.

The show is therefore going to be of interest to Nigerians especially the older generations who enjoyed the previous editions while it was held. It would also resonate with the younger generation who watched it while growing up and understand the power of hunting until you find what you desire or need.

The brand Gulder over the years has been trying to resonate with the younger generation while failing to build the right opportunities to connect better with other generations. The category Gulder finds itself in, happens to be one that strives on sales volume, and while building connections with the young generation is important, what is of utmost importance is not losing the core of the brand and what it stands for.

Gulder Ultimate Search does not just use the power of nostalgia to attract people, the show would help the brand reinforce it’s core positioning and also help build a mental association with Nigerians through the use of Gulder Ultimate Search as one of the distinctive assets of Gulder.

Gulder Ultimate Search Returns Amidst High Rate Of Banditry In Nigeria

The question, however, is have the organizers considered the rise of Banditry and kidnapping in their SWOT analysis, have they thought well about the use of forests, do they intend to use an alternative place instead or would they be providing security while the shows last? Have they mapped various possibilities and issues that might cause problems for the show and designed solutions to counter such problems?

The analysis of Banditry and kidnapping as threats is very vital as bandits and kidnappers are skilled at turning forest and unhabitable places as hideouts to carry out their operations and Gulder definitely wouldn’t want to become a victim of their ransom payment and not would the participants enjoy being guests living in Kidnappers’ Den. It is therefore important that critical factors that would make the show go on successful be analyzed.

The implications of Gulder not thoroughly looking at scenarios and planning for them would be disastrous to Gulder as a brand and Ultimate Search as a Show if anything negative happens, it is therefore a strategic imperative for them to identify key problem areas and solve them before the show starts.