PAL Pensions Launches Fund VI, Reiterates Commitment To Innovative Service Delivery

PAL Pensions
PAL Pensions Launches In VI, Reiterates Commitment To Innovative Service Delivery

PAL Pensions, a top pension funds administrator in Nigeria, has announced the launch of Fund VI, the sixth investment fund for its Retirement Savings Account (RSA) holders.

The company described the product as a recent addition to the multi-fund structure in a bid to diversify its customers’ investment options.

The Managing Director, Mr Funso Doherty, said: “Fund VI is part of the multi-fund structure, a framework that aligns the age and risk profile of RSA holders with multiple fund types designed to cater to various investor requirements.

“The multi-fund structure, especially with the addition of the new fund, also seeks to enable contributors to have better participation in the management of their funds.

“The launch of Fund VI signals PAL Pensions’ commitment to promoting innovation, improving customer experience and demonstrating industry best practice. Fund VI is a non-interest Fund regulated by the National Pension Commission (PenCom) for contributors who want their funds to be invested in non-interest bearing and ethical instruments.”

PAL Pensions Launches Fund VI, Reiterates Commitment To Innovative Service Delivery

Doherty said that the company was a firm believer in value creation for its stakeholders, especially its customers.

He added: “At PAL Pensions, we firmly believe in the importance of delivering a top-tier experience to our customers through the deliberate pursuit of investment and operational excellence.

“Our recent launch of Fund VI is another example of this. Using cutting edge technology, it is delivered through several digital channels to facilitate an optimal experience and ease of access for our esteemed clients.

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“PenCom regulations ensure that Fund VI is carefully managed and invested to prevent destruction or loss. On this, the PAL Pensions boss stated that prudent management aligns perfectly with PAL’s investment philosophy.

“Our Investment Philosophy is premised on reliably providing our customers with secure funds post-retirement, to help them enjoy a decent standard of living.

“PAL ensures that contributions are well managed and grown to achieve a competitive rate of return in the medium to long term. We are always mindful of the risk tolerance of Pension Funds.

“PAL Pensions has several digital channels to ease the pension experiences of its customers. Some of the products include the PAL Padi – a digital buddy considered one of the leaders in the industry that can handle all pension-related concerns via SMS, Telegram, or WhatsApp; and a mobile app customized to monitor and manage customers’ pension accounts on the go.

“With over 16 years of professional experience in Pension Funds Administration, PAL Pensions manages and administers retirement savings contributions of employees in Nigeria and boasts of a client base of over 550,000.

“PAL Pensions combines its deep institutional knowledge of the pension industry with a drive for innovative and stellar customer service within existing regulatory and operational frameworks.”