Ebony Life and Sony Pictures Television Partner To Launch Alo


A new initiative for writers has been set up by EbonyLife Media and Sony Pictures Television. The two power houses in media have partnered to set up a writers initiative targeted at Africans, which they named ‘Alo’. Alo is a Yoruba phrase that means “once upon a time”; will create a platform for African writers to submit their story documents and television scripts, Variety reported.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of EbonyLife, Abudu, the name ‘Alo’ is an inspiration for her, she said, “The name of this initiative inspires me, as we chose a word which holds so much personal meaning for me. I am particularly thrilled about the writers’ initiative because it is in line with our continent-wide vision to harness and grow our creative economy.

“It is focused on global storytelling that is authentically African and that gives African writers access to the biggest international broadcasters in the world. It is a dream come true for me.”

From September 24 to November 5, the initiative will be open for submissions, which will pass through the scrutiny of EbonyLife and SPT executives. Shortlisted writers will be opportune to create a pilot script in agreement with the organizers and upon successful completion, pitch their projects to recognized international broadcasters.

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Speaking on behalf of SPT, Nina Lederman said, “We know from our many, many conversations developing this initiative with Mo and her team at EbonyLife that there are countless stories from across the African continent yet to be told. We hope that this provides a unique platform to writers of African heritage with a story they want to bring to the world.”

Early last month, EbonyLife TV also partnered with Universal Pictures and Will Parker Production to get adaptation rights for a movie on Ramon Abass, also known as Ray Hushpuppi, who is being detained as part of an investigation into money-laundering, cyber fraud, hacking, and scamming.