Sauna Luxe Announced the Release of Exclusive Report – Sauna Secrets: 8 Simple Yet Shocking Secrets to Save Thousands of Dollars on Your Dream Sauna


KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Media OutReach – 11 October 2021 – Sauna Luxe launches a new exclusive report named Sauna Secrets: 8 Simple Yet Shocking Secrets to Save Thousands of Dollars on Your Dream Sauna.


It features 8 insider tips and comes with a range of resources to help Malaysian consumers invest in a home sauna without a high budget.


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Illustrating scenarios that stop consumers from saving thousands of dollars on their dream sauna, this title also reveals why a home sauna is a valuable investment that can save consumers loads in the long run.


Some of the topics covered in the book include the 5 most common mistakes made by sauna enthusiasts, 3 insider secrets that will drastically triple the lifespan of a dream sauna, the pros and cons of a portable sauna cabin and the dos and don’ts when customising a dream sauna.


The exclusive report will be available for download on Sauna Luxe official website free of charge.


The Malaysia-based sauna specialist explains that the author has a clear mission to help Malaysian consumers build their dream sauna even with no experience needed. Sauna Luxe offers valuable insights and expert advice on sauna solutions at a fraction of the cost of conventional sauna building.


Many tend to pay a premium to use the spa facility because having a sauna at their own home may seem a little extravagant. However, home saunas are becoming very much on trend. Having a sauna at home used to be a luxury item; but today, as technology advances, home saunas are becoming more affordable.


According to the author, investing in a home sauna not only adds value to the home but also offers consumers unexpected, staggering health benefits. Plus, consumers get to enjoy the convenience of being able to disrobe, unwind and relax right at the comfort of their own sweet home.


This is the first exclusive report Sauna Luxe has authored. There is particular excitement about this launch because the author presents many case studies, cold hard facts and in a unique voice, as well as revealing some little-known background about the sauna building industry.


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About Sauna Luxe

Sauna Luxe is a Malaysia based sauna specialist that thrives on personalised, custom-built saunas. From bathroom models for residential homes to large exclusive sauna rooms for hotel suites or commercial hospitality suites, Sauna Luxe offers one-stop personalised sauna solutions ideal for your domestic and commercial needs.

With over 10 years’ experience in the construction industry, Sauna Luxe offers an impressive array of the finest, customed-design sauna products including, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi with unique features and outstanding performance. You can choose from a wide array of therapeutic features to not only offer your dream but also the functions you desire.

Sauna Luxe also provides pre-sale and after-sales support, including consultation, design, manufacture, delivery, assembly, installation and routine maintenance. From public to private spaces, hotels to condominiums, fitness centres to spas, Sauna Luxe takes pride in the work we do.

Sauna Luxe is passionate about bringing you one step closer to your health and well-being through every facet of saunas. By adapting to today’s ultramodern designs, Sauna Luxe brings your dream sauna ideas to life, and lead you down the path of well-being, happiness, elegance and satisfaction.