$69,000,000,000 Pension Fund Considering Allocating Capital To Crypto Space

3 Best Cryptocurrencies To Buy And Hold
3 Best Cryptocurrencies To Buy And Hold

Australia’s fifth-largest pension fund is reportedly considering allocating capital to the crypto markets.

The Financial Times reports that Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC), which manages $69 billion worth of assets, is open to making cryptocurrency investments in the future even as it remains cautious of the nascent digital asset space.

QIC’s head of currencies Stuart Simmons attributes the big funds’ hesitancy to the regulatory risks of digital assets amid a lack of clarity on how governments and watchdogs would oversee the crypto space.

Simmons says that large investors want more regulatory certainty and protection against fraud, theft, market manipulation and other “unquantifiable risks”, but may likely seek out exposure to crypto once the market matures.

$69,000,000,000 Pension Fund Considering Allocating Capital To Crypto Space

He adds that clearer regulatory requirements can also make conservative investors feel more at ease with putting their money on digital assets.

“Right now there are a number of uncertainties, and the operational infrastructure for institutional investing remains immature…

I don’t think there’s an inevitability about super funds and the institutional market investing in crypto, but as the segment matures … there’s a likelihood that super funds seek out exposure…

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As the framework continues to develop, super funds may eventually simply be responding to user demand by facilitating investment in crypto.”