Moët Hennessy Invests €20m In New Champagne Research Centre

Moët Hennessy Invests €20m In New Champagne Research Centre
Moët Hennessy Invests €20m In New Champagne Research Centre

Premium wine and spirits producers Moët Hennessy has broken ground on its new Robert-Jean de Vogüé Research Center, which will be dedicated to advancing knowledge and evolving practices in winemaking. 

The €20 million facility aims to understand and anticipate major environmental and industrial challenges, such as climate change and biodiversity loss, with the hope of developing sustainable products and practices.

A company statement said: “Moët Hennessy has chosen Champagne, which reflects our commitment to our terroir and to the entire Champagne category”.

“Closely aligned with the Living Soils, Living Together programme we launched last year, our new state-of-the-art research infrastructure will support all Moët Hennessy Houses as they continue to transform their businesses through sustainability,” said Philippe Schaus, CEO of Moët Hennessy.

He added: “Named in honour of Robert-Jean de Vogüé, one of the Group’s historic leaders who worked tirelessly for the common good in Champagne and beyond, the Research Center will be a hub for sharing knowledge both between the Houses and with public sector researchers and will also embrace collaboration with other external structures”.

Areas of research at the new site will include:

  • Microbiology and biotechnology: Observing and analysing micro-organisms to better understand their impact on vineyards
  • Plant physiology: Conducting experiments on vines and grapes to meet the challenges of global warming
  • Process engineering: Analysing every step in winemaking to optimise processes and promote recyclability
  • Sensory analysis and formulation: Analysing the sensory profile of products at different stages of production
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The facility, designed by architect Giovanni Pace, spans 4,000m2 and is located in the immediate vicinity of Moët Hennessy’s Mont Aigu production site.