Gulder Ultimate Search 12: Celebration In Clan Irin As They Win Rope-A-Dope Task

GUS: How Viewers Can Participate In Bringing Their Favourite Warriors Back To The Jungle
GUS: How Viewers Can Participate In Bringing Their Favourite Warriors Back To The Jungle

Clan Irin proved again that they are a formidable clan to watch despite losing a member last week.

The day’s task was called Rope-A-Dope, and each clan had to choose three members to work closely to untangle the long ropes attached to two beams. One end of the ropes will be hooked to each member as they unravel the ropes. Once separated, they’ll connect the ring placed at the second beam to the sledge. The team then drags the sledge back to the start and assembles the puzzle pieces.

Clan Iroko seemed to have developed a working team formula as Damola, Tobechukwu and Yankari systematically took apart the ropes. Weaving and hoping in tandem, they quickly made their way to the sledge. Clan Irin also made steady progress as Oreva, Damilola, and Ishmael worked together to lead their clan to victory.

It was a close call for clan Irin as they couldn’t find their ring on time; meanwhile, Iroko was already dragging their sledge back to the starting point. Luckily, they found it and made their way to their puzzle board. And as fate would have it, Irin was able to complete their puzzle first. Iroko soon followed, and they placed second. Clan Amo came in last place.

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Clan Irin received a reward from the council of elders at the place of the talking drum, making it the second time a clan is receiving one, and it’s always been Irin.

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