10 Cocktails For Your Next Themed Party

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There is no wrong time of year for a party. In the summer, you could have a pool party or a Disney birthday party (with sneaky cocktails from the adults, of course!); in the fall, you could have a Halloween or pre Thanksgiving themed party, In the wintertime, you could have a Harry Potter or Christmas party, and in the spring you could have a Spring Fling! 

No matter what kind of party you’re having, no matter what the theme, there is a cocktail for every occasion. We have put together a list of the ten best themed cocktails for your next event- that is one step of the party planning process that you don’t have to worry about!

10 Cocktails For Your Next Themed Party - Brand Spur
Image by Burst via Pexels


Harry Potter fans are passionate about everything to do with the wonderful world of Potter. No Harry Potter-themed party would be complete without the most well-known drink from the books and movies, a warm and satisfying mug of butterbeer! Now we know that this version might be a little boozier than what they serve in The Three Broomsticks, but you can make it a mocktail if you prefer. This is definitely a drink for the winter as it is served warm.

Recipe (serves 6)

6-8 tablespoons butterscotch sauce (depending on how sweet you like it)

3 cups apple cider

1 cup bourbon whiskey (optional)

2 cups ginger beer

Whipped cream for garnish


Heat up the cider, bourbon, and butterscotch on the stove until all the syrup has dissolved into the mixture and it’s steaming. Remove from the stove and stir in the ginger beer. Ladle into glass mugs and serve with whipped cream.

Felix Felicis

Another Harry Potter-themed cocktail that will be sure to increase your luck is Felix Felicis. Potion making is an exact art, so be sure to take special care when measuring your ingredients. Remember, a little luck goes a long way!

Recipe (serves 1)

1/4 oz simple syrup

1/4 oz lemon juice

1.5 oz ginger beer

Champagne or other sparkling wine


Muddle the syrup and lemon juice in the bottom of a champagne glass. Pour the ginger beer, then champagne over syrup mixture and garnish with lemon rind.

10 Cocktails For Your Next Themed Party - Brand Spur
Image by Lina Kivaka via Pexels


This one is for the Dr Who fans out there. Though the show and the Dr have gone through many iterations, one thing has always been there: the Tardis! Did you know that Tardis actually stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space? Wow your guests with a bright blue martini-style drink!

Recipe (serves 1)

2 oz Hpnotiq

1 oz crème de violette

¾ vodka

½ oz blue curacao


Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker over ice, shake and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a piece of pineapple and edible gold stars (available at baking stores)

Shamrock Sour

So it is finally St Patrick’s day! Instead of going on a bar crawl like usual, why not host a party at your home? And instead of green beer, why not make a special Shamrock themed cocktail for your guests?


2 tablespoons lime juice

½ tablespoon lemon juice

¼ cup simple syrup

2 ounces Irish whiskey

1 drop of green food coloring

lime wedges for garnish


Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker over ice. Shake and strain into a tumbler, garnish with lime.

Howling Wookie

Star Wars is such a classic theme, and it makes throwing a party so simple. There are so many costume ideas that your guests will have no excuse not to come dressed up, and there’s no shortage of inspiration for food and drinks either. Since this drink contains eggnog liqueur, it’s probably one best saved for the colder months as it might be a little bit heavy for hot weather.

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2 oz coffee rum

1 oz eggnog liqueur

3 oz almond milk

Cinnamon to garnish


Mix all ingredients and serve over ice. Don’t forget to garnish with cinnamon.

Cherry Vodka Shot

Valentine’s day is a great time to have a little get-together. Instead of making it about couples, why not throw a party for all your friends and family and celebrate all the different kinds of love we have in our lives? Love is something we should be grateful for every day of the year, not only on Valentine’s day. But it doesn’t hurt to have a little reminder once a year.

Recipe (serves 1)

1 part cherry vodka

1 part amaretto

½ part grenadine

1 maraschino cherry


Put maraschino cherry into a shot glass. Pour all ingredients over the cherry and serve chilled.

Strawberry Sparkling Rose Slush

A freezing cold slushie just SCREAMS summertime; it’s perfect for a pool party or even Valentine’s Day. But how to make it just slightly more sophisticated? Add champagne, of course! Be careful because these pack quite the punch, but they’ll have all your guests begging for the recipe.

Recipe (serves 4 to 6)

1/2 cup sugar

4 cups strawberries, frozen, plus additional for garnish

4 ounces strawberry vodka or regular vodka

1 bottle sparkling rosé

2 or 3 sprigs of tarragon, for garnish


Add strawberries, vodka, and syrup to a blender and puree till smooth. Divide mixture between 4 to 6 glasses, top up with rosé and garnish with more strawberries and/ or tarragon.

Spiked Fruity Pebbles Milkshake

Finally, throwing that pool party, you’ve been dreaming of all winter? Go on, have a little fun and surprise your guests with milkshakes instead of traditional cocktails! The Spiked Fruity Pebbles Milkshake will work well with a variety of cereals. So pick whichever one you like best and give it a try.

Recipe (serves 2 to 4)

3 scoops of Fruity Pebbles ice cream (or store-bought vanilla with fruity pebbles or cereal of choice mixed in)

¼ cup cold milk

1-ounce cake-flavored vodka or regular vodka

Whipped cream (optional)

More Fruity pebbles for garnish


Combine ice cream, vodka, and milk in a blender and puree. Pour into a glass, and garnish with whipped cream and more Fruity Pebbles or cereal of choice.

10 Cocktails For Your Next Themed Party - Brand Spur
Image by Polina Kovaleva via Pexels

Holly Jolly Christmas Citrus Cocktail

This one’s for you if you enjoy Christmas in a warmer climate. Bottoms up!

Recipe (serves 1)

2 oz vodka

½ oz St Germain

⅓ cup clementine or blood orange juice

Ginger beer

Pomegranate rubies to garnish

Thyme or mint to garnish


Fill cocktail glass with ice, pour all ingredients over. Garnish with pomegranate and thyme of mint and enjoy.

Grinch Cocktail

While the Grinch might not like Christmas, your party guests are going to LOVE this drink!


1/12 oz midori sours

1 oz clean rum or triple sec

5 oz sprite

1 maraschino cherry


Fill the tumbler with ice and stir all ingredients together. Garnish with cherry and sip.

Wrap up

There’s a drink out there for every kind of party! Sip and enjoy.