Co-Wealth helps small and medium enterprises in Hong Kong to solve health problem with medical insurance application services


HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 23 November 2021 – Professional medical services can solve health problems for many. However, expensive medical expenses are not affordable for everyone. Regarding this, Co-Wealth provides its customers with comprehensive medical insurance plans and group medical insurance services to reduce the burden of customers’ medical expenses, in hopes that customers can concentrate on receiving treatment and get back to health as soon as possible.


Medical insurance mainly guarantees hospitalization medical expenses for the insured. Most medical insurance products have multiple protection items, and each item has a compensation limit. Some medical insurance products adopt a “full coverage” structure. The premium of medical insurance is determined according to the age of the insured. The insurance is renewed each year, and the insured shall claim compensation in the form of actual reimbursement.


When comparing medical insurance products, Co-Wealth considers the expected coverage rates of several common injury cases. Furthermore, the medical expenses of relevant cases would be adjusted according to the ward level of the selected Hong Kong private hospital.

Group medical care is designed for small and medium-sized enterprises with 3 or more employees with comprehensive coverage.  Group medical care covers life, accident, hospitalization, online outpatient medical insurance protection, and global emergency support services to help the insured with medical expenses. In addition, insured members only need to show their health card and pay a small out-of-pocket payment to enjoy high-quality online outpatient medical services, and eliminate the need for post-incident claims procedures, allowing employers to easily provide employees with the most basic and practical high-end medical insurance protection.

There are various types of high-end medical insurance on the market. However, not everyone has a guarantee renewal clause, given that the medical insurance company has the right to respond to past claims or physical conditions of the insured when the policy is renewed in case of no such clause in the policy. The medical insurance company would then decide on whether to let the insured renew the insurance. Therefore, the insured is very passive in this situation.

Group medical treatment can provide employees with a safety net. When feeling unwell, insured members can be treated with the most appropriate treatment plan, so that employees can feel more at ease when insured.

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