Black Friday Culture: Jiji Nigeria Stands Tall

Black Friday Culture: Jiji Nigeria Stands Tall
Black Friday Culture: Jiji Nigeria Stands Tall

The Black Friday culture which is now  associated with online marketplaces has become quintessential for e-commerce in Nigeria and internationally. Originating from the United States and used as a term to define the Friday after Thanksgiving, many stores would offer highly discounted sales in celebration of the holidays.

In 2018, some online businesses began the French Friday to replicate the success of Black Friday for the brick-and-mortar stores, but in time, the term Black Friday has metamorphosed to a period of discount sales and is now more commonly associated with online businesses.

In Nigeria, Black Friday is identified as a shopping spree and has come to be a big deal in the e-commerce space. A 2016 survey shows that 66% of Nigerians shop online every few months, compared to 60% of South Africans and 45% of Kenyans.


This year, In commemoration of the Black Friday culture,, Nigeria’s leading online marketplace with over 10million unique visits monthly, presents amazing deals, giving buyers the opportunity to start holiday shopping for less. You don’t have to wait till the last minute to shop, nor do you have to break the bank to secure those amazing items on your list. Being the biggest online marketplace where you can buy and sell anything online, they are offering thousands of discounts and promos for their buyers this year with discounts up to 85% across shopping categories including cars and electronics.

What This Means for Buyers and Sellers:

For Buyers, this means they have access to millions of deals with great discounts across a wide variety of products and services on the platform.  They can shop for more with less on the biggest deals found across the categories on Jiji.  It also means they directly connect with sellers offering incredible discounts across the categories.

Sellers are not left out as this guarantees them access to millions of buyers on the platform in search of great deals, which sellers enjoy as it gives them the opportunity to make 100x more sales .

How Jiji Stands Tall:

How is Jiji able to bring this alive? They have developed a system that selects sellers who have reduced prices for their products. This system with an inbuilt algorithm calculates how much discount the buyer will receive upon purchase of these products and as such, the platform is able to push out the most discounted products to the consumer without compromising on the quality and added value the buyer gets. In this way, shoppers can plan and leverage this unique platform to get their favorite brands at heavily discounted prices, thereby getting much more for less and saving money.

According to Anton Volianskyi, Founder and CEO, Jiji Africa “This year’s Black Friday will be a fulfilling buying experience for Nigerians. With the COVID restrictions, there was a boost in online sales not necessarily for good reasons. It was more of a mandatory move by people to keep safe while purchasing their much-needed supplies. But with the restrictions lifted, it is hoped that this Black Friday will be much more vibrant than last year’s and people will shop for the right reasons this time, in anticipation of the celebrations that the Christmas and New year will bring”.


Speaking on the mechanics for the black Friday, the Country manager, Jiji Nigeria, Yuliy Shenfeld stated that research has shown that customer expectations have risen for Black Friday.

“Today’s customers have come to expect buying local and also extended shopping periods and we are excited about this because at Jiji, we have a database of sellers who sell locally manufactured products. From fashion items like shoes and bags to all kinds of products like agriculture and food, the Nigerian artisans and businesses are gradually holding their own against internationally produced items and we are proud at Jiji to be at the forefront of giving these emerging brands a platform to market themselves. As regards extended discount shopping, we intend to give our customers this year more shopping days. We want to celebrate our sellers and buyers for their resilience and staying power despite the economic downturn. Therefore, offering them more for less is the way to go”.


As you know, the Jiji Black Friday with it’s amazing offers definitely has an end date. Hence, this is the best time to stock up your house, purchase those yuletide gifts, be merry ready and avoid the rush hour. Don’t miss out on your preferred smartphone and other electronics. It is time to edit your shopping list, mark them and check before the extravaganza wraps up 30th November 2021.