Balls-A-Plenty As GUS-12 Top 9 Race To Finish

Balls-A-Plenty As GUS-12 Top 9 Race To Finish
Balls-A-Plenty As GUS-12 Top 9 Race To Finish

Balance was the name of the game as the top nine Gulder Ultimate Search contestants went head to head to prove their worth.


After relaxing from the bonfire, the contestants had renewed energy for the task of the day – the ball course. The task seemed straightforward; they had to move five balls from the starting point to the finish line. But they could only use one hand, and there were hurdles to navigate, making the task trickier.


Immediately the game began, Damola walked confidently like a man who had the balance of the world in his hand. He walked steady and never faltered as he moved his balls to the finish line. Damilola, Odudu, and Solomon Yankari showed their skills as they rarely dropped their balls and navigated the course easily.


Jennifer and Esitima struggled as they tied each other for last place. They couldn’t stop dropping their balls and had to go back to the start several times. Soon enough, Damola finished the task first, and the other contestants raced to catch. One by one, they crossed the finish line leaving Esitima and Jennifer fighting not to place last.


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Unfortunately, Jennifer couldn’t seem to get her balance right, and she failed the task. Toke Makinwa promptly declared her evicted from the show, and she left the ring of warriors to go back to camp to pack.


And there were eight! The remaining contestants will continue their trials to determine who will be the ultimate champion.


Gulder Ultimate Search airs every Saturday and Sunday at 8 pm on Africa Magic Showcase (DStv channel 151), Africa Magic Urban (DStv channel 153) and Africa Magic Family (DStv channel 154 & GOtv channel 2).