Important Life Lessons Learnt By GUS Contestants

Important Life Lessons Learnt By GUS Contestants
Important Life Lessons Learnt By GUS Contestants

In the ongoing Gulder Ultimate Search Season 12 Age of Craftsmanship, there is going to be one craftsman or craftswoman who would be declared the winner to go home with the cash prize of N50m. However, every single person who made it into the jungle is already a winner based on the important life lessons they have learnt as they themselves have admitted.


Mfon  was evicted from the jungle due to his inability to respect another contender. Although he admitted that he went too far as a simple disagreement should not have warranted such a reaction, it was already too late as the council of elders decided that he had to leave.


Since his eviction, other contenders in the jungle learnt to accommodate their differences and live together. Despite the fact that they are all competing for the same thing, they understand the essence of respect as true craftsmen and women.


Damilola did not mince words when he said he never took listening before acting as important until he came into the jungle. He said his time spent in the jungle has taught him that being able to properly listen, interpret information before acting on it can be the difference between success and failure.


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For Chidinma, the battle against complacency is one she is already winning. Twice, she has been close to being evicted but each time, she pulled herself up and has scaled through. Since the individual tasks started, she has promised to give her A-game.


Yankari seems to have mastered the art of patience and tact. Although he never comes first in any task, he makes sure not to come last and so far, it has worked for him. He is able to slow and steadily find his way around difficulty. From being identified as the weakest link in his clan to being able to make it to the top seven, Yankari has truly improved and rediscovered his strength.


One contender who seems to be hitting top game in the jungle is Damola. So far, he has been able to stand out both as a member of a group as well as giving outstanding performance during the individual game. He has however admitted that the Gulder Ultimate Search show has allowed him to dig deep to find his strength and use it well.


As Bob-Manuel Udokwu told the warriors during his visit, their presence in the show will surely make them different and better people.