Amazon Opens New Winnipeg Delivery Stations

Amazon Opens New Winnipeg Delivery Stations

Amazon has launched its two delivery stations in Winnipeg in time for the holidays.

The U.S. e-commerce giant has opened facilities on Plymouth Street and Regent Avenue, with the goal of improving delivery times — with packages expected to arrive as soon as 30 hours after ordering — to the local community.

Mikhail Clarkson, regional director for Amazon Logistics, said Thursday that the city has been supportive of the company’s services over the years.

“Growing up, I enjoyed spending many summers in Winnipeg, and I’m delighted to be a part of Amazon’s launch in this welcoming city,” said Clarkson.

“Our customers and residents in Winnipeg and its surrounding areas have been longtime supporters of Amazon, and we’re so proud to create great jobs and provide even better delivery times and customer service in the region.”

The new stations are expected to create more than 200 jobs, both full- and part-time.