Bincom Dev Center Global Tech Programme. Learn Tech Now, Pay Later

Bincom Dev Center Global Tech Programme. Learn Tech Now, Pay Later
Bincom Dev Center Global Tech Programme. Learn Tech Now, Pay Later

Do You Wish To Launch A Career In Tech But Do Not Know How To Go About It? 


If Your Answer To That Question Is YES, Then Bincom Global Tech Programme Is Your Solution To Launch Your Tech Career Globally. The Bincom Global Tech Programme Is A Platform That Furnishes You With Tech Skills, Experience And Exposure On Tech, And Guess What? You Can Learn Now And Pay Later.


In This Present Age, The World Has Become A Digital Village Due To Technological Advancements And Innovations. Being Amongst Those Who Make This Possible Brings One A High Level Of Respect And Recognition And Also Instills Some Degree Of Self-Esteem And Regard Because You Know That In A Way Or Two, You Are Contributing To The Growth Of Technology.


It Is Like A Cool Club That A Lot Of People Wish To Be Members Of. A Lot Of People Go Ahead To Teach Themselves Some Tech Skills So They Can Be Part Of And Identify With This Cool Club And Sometimes They Succeed, Sometimes They Do Not.


This Is Where The Bincom Global Tech Programme Steps In. The Programme Equips You With Tech Skills Through Individual And Customized Learning Paths With Mentors And Facilitators At Every Skill Level In A Co-Working Space With Access To The Internet.


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You Will Gain Experience By Working On Real Life Projects As An Intern Or Apprentice And Build Your CV With Clients At Every Level.


You Will Gain Exposure Through International Career Packaging And Placements With Guided Access To The International Tech Ecosystem While Working With Global Startups And Corporate.


Programming Career Paths Available Include:


Data Science Track – Start With Python


Backend Track – Start With Php


Frontend/Mobile App Track – Start With Javascipt ,And Many Others.


The Programme Runs For A Period Of 1-2 Years And Goes For A Fee Of 1.2 Million Naira But With The Income Sharing Agreement, You Can Be Trained For Free Within The Stipulated Period And Pay Later Instalmentally.


P.S: With The Huge Global Scarcity Of Skilled Tech Resources, $50,000 Is The Base Salary With The Right Combination Of Skill, Experience And Exposure And Bincom Dev Center Helps You Jump Start Your Career Even If You Are Learning From Scratch.


To Get Started With The Programme, Call +44 757 733 3391 +234 701 195 4852 Or Send A Mail To Bincomdevcenter@Bincom.Net

Register Now On  Bincom.Net/Globaltech