How To Earn Stellar Lumens

How To Earn Stellar Lumens
How To Earn Stellar Lumens

Since the first cryptocurrency was introduced, the crypto market has seen exponential growth, with over one thousand new cryptocurrencies having since been released. This success has been driven by the incredible blockchain technology and decentralized cryptocurrencies, which helps them remain strong even in tough economic times. Several new crypto products have been introduced, as well as several new ways of earning crypto.

One of the new products taking the crypto market by storm is the Stellar Lumen (XLM). Apart from trading with Lumen, you can stake it to earn more Stellar Lumens. XLM is a crypto coin introduced by the Stellar platform to help crypto investors trade, transact and finish various crypto under one platform.

XLM is becoming so popular that every crypto enthusiast is always looking for information on how to earn Stellar. The typical method is by trading in crypto platforms or completing tasks in sites that have partnered with Stellar to earn Stellar coin. Here are the top ways on how to earn Stellar Lumens.

HODLing on YouHodler to earn Stellar Lumens

YouHodler is one of the top crypto platforms where you can get crypto loans backed by various digital currencies as well as open a crypto savings account to HODL your digital assets. YouHodler deals with a diverse number of products, including XLM. In fact, YouHodler’s XLM earn project is one of the best in the market as it can earn you a 4.5% annual APR plus compound interest.

Instead of keeping your XLM coins idle, you can take advantage of YouHodler’s Stellar earn initiative and earn more Stellar Lumens. All you have to do is simply create an account, deposit Stellar Lumens to your account and start earning. Interest payouts are made weekly, and you can convert the XLM coins to fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies.

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Stellar Lumens earn on Coinbase

If you are looking for other ways to earn Stellar Lumens, you can try Coinbase. Here you do not have to deposit anything to earn XLM but create an account and learn about Stellar Lumens for XLM earn. This is an arrangement by Stellar and Coinbase, one of the top crypto platforms globally for users to learn more about XLM and get paid as an incentive.

You will receive XLM coins worth $10 if you take five Stellar lessons. Basically, each completed lesson pays you XLM coins worth $2. However, to take the lesson and get paid, you must first sign up and create an account but the process is quite simple.

Earn Stellar Lumens on Idle Empire

Cryptocurrencies have become popular now that they can be used as a mode of payment when you complete some online tasks. For instance, Idle Empire pays with Stellar Lumens or XLM when you complete simple tasks such as taking surveys, watching videos, or even playing games. You just need to create an account with Idle Empire and begin earning free XLM.

Creating an account at Idle Empire is quite simple as you can use your social media account profile or your Google account. Coins earned can be immediately redeemed and received within 24 hours of completing a task. Check out the various tasks on their homepage you can complete to earn Stellar Lumens.