Happy New Year From Brand Spur Nigeria

Happy New Year From Brand Spur Nigeria
Happy New Year From Brand Spur Nigeria

Hello, I know this is new, it is a fresh voice; this is because it’s the new intern writing this letter and testing his end of year memoir idea (my boss is giving good marks for this if it goes well).

We’re at the end of the year 2021, phew! A lot happened this year, such as, MTN going public. OMG!! Who’d have guessed that this happened at the time when the First Bank was embroiled in a shareholder feud?

If you didn’t know, let me fill you in: it turns out Big shot Otedola is now the largest shareholder at First Bank, isn’t he the father to those gorgeous ladies killing it on Twitter? By the way, is Twitter still banned in Nigeria…?

Also, Nigeria took out the biggest chunk of the world tech funding with 60% of it going to Nigerian tech startups. Can you believe that? Those tech guys are really doing us proud as our guys in entertainment are. Can you imagine CKay’s love nwantinti has over 15 billion tiktok views??? wheeew

And if you think those tech guys are doing little, we had Edukoya, an Edutech raise $3.5m for quality education in Nigeria but it didn’t end there, Kippa also got $3.2m pre-seed funding. One Nigerian lady, hmmm Damilola Olokesusi, raised $1.6m for Shuttlers, in the transportation sector. They are just too much.

Nigerians are now exporting tech and entertainment to the world, and these two sectors combined when Flutterwave, Nigerian fintech unicorn signed Wizkid (our very own Machala) the one and only Big Wiz as its global brand ambassador, real recognize real if you ask me

Oh! in another news, Facebook is now Meta and Jack Dorsey stepped down as CEO for Twitter, can you imagine those guys?

I still can’t pronounce the word Meta without thinking of Dr. Strange’s Multiverse of Madness. Metaverse is an embodiment of the future and Disney has also embraced this whole new world of virtual reality. I think you should too with NFTs and Web3.0.

We had a really difficult year with the loss of Bolaji Esan, our founder who passed away in August. He was dedicated and passionate about the BrandSpur mission and He will forever be missed.

Despite that, we successfully hosted a youth and future centric Webinar, titled the Future of Work and it was a good one, with the head of JobMag, Oguguwa Belonwu, and other wonderful speakers talking about the future of work; which we know is remote or hybrid due to the pandemic.

I don’t think this intern will be writing anything for the meantime, because it was supposed to be a memoir and i am here dropping too many gists, but if you haven’t been paying attention to us in the time past, this intern doesn’t want you to miss out on anything.

So here’s my plea, subscribe to our newsletter, which also gets good marks for me, follow Brand Spur on all social media networks, and of course as a fan that’s not too much for you, all of this gist is also available on our website brandspurng.com.

Enough with this memoir thing, my boss asked me to send this out 30 mins ago but silly me. Thank you in advance.

See you all in the New Year and know that at Brand Spur, we can only get better at being your preferred news and media platform.

I wish you an awesome and productive 2021.