Five Steps To Getting Richer This Year

Five Steps To Getting Richer This Year
Five Steps To Getting Richer This Year

I may not know the goals you have set out to achieve this year, but I have a feeling that making more moneyyyy is one of them. However, becoming wealthy does not happen overnight. It takes time and conscious effort.

Here are our quick tips for multiplying the number of zeros in your bank account.

STEP 1: Create a Wish List 
The first step in achieving any milestone is the idea.
Write down what you would like to achieve this year and attribute timelines to each. It could be anything: a new car, a new house, millions in the bank, more. Ensure that you are specific with your wishlist.

STEP 2: Execute your Wish List 
Your salary alone may not get you where you want to be. You might have to think more creatively on how to increase your income.
Ideas include:
1. Getting a side business
2. Investing actively in different investment vehicles
3. Selling old stuff
4. Safeguarding the money you have

STEP 3: Increase your Value 
The truth is: you are paid based on your perceived value. One of the fastest ways to become richer and more valuable so is by acquiring knowledge. Learn a skill, take up a course, or get a certification. Find out what it would take to excel in your field, and get trained to do it to perfection. You could be looking at promotion and a fat salary cheque in no time.

STEP 4: Network, Network, Network- Make it a habit to socialize and interact with new people within your industry to exchange ideas and information. This gives you more access to more job opportunities, business partners, clients, etc, depending on what your focus is. Networking is very vital to professional success, and professional success equals more income! 

STEP 5: Protect your Wealth
Many people focus on building wealth but forget to protect what they have built.
Imagine you buy a car worth N3,000,000 and it gets stolen. You immediately become N3,000,000 poorer because to replace your precious car you would have to dig into your hard-earned savings.

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However, if you protect your car with our Comprehensive Motor Insurance, Heirs Insurance will pay you to replace it, so you don’t have to touch your savings.

Another way to protect wealth is to back up your money and safeguard your family’s finances with the Term Assure Plan from Heirs Life. This is a life insurance plan which pays your family a desired amount if the unfortunate happens. I am sure you would agree with me that in attaining financial freedom, protecting wealth is just as important as creating it.

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