How To Improve Your Organic Search Strategy

    Organic Search
    Google Releases Nigeria’s 2021 Year In Search Lists

    As they work to attract attention from potential customers, clients are holding their (digital) agencies more accountable. And, with the race to the top of the Google page based on spend, and not relevance to search, an organic search strategy is essential to the marketing mix of a brand.

    “There needs to be a golden thread of intentional alignment across all the elements and tactics that form a digital campaign, rather than separate teams and departments all working in isolated silos,” says David Jenkins, co-founder of Mickey Llew, a specialist performance marketing and SEO agency.

    He believes that for brands to achieve the best possible results a brand’s messaging and creative strategy and spend across all platforms must be aligned. This, he adds, includes paid and organic search. “The reality is that this is relatively simple to achieve and requires little more than effort and intent,” he says.

    Tips to improve organic search strategy

    Considerations that any brand looking to improve its organic search strategy should include:

    What digital and traditional channels is our brand operating in? For example, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, online and print publications, podcasts, or others.
    Is our messaging, content, and creativity consistent across these channels?
    What are the KPIs for the respective channels to ensure they are being correctly leveraged? For example, Instagram has a very different value proposition in conveying a message compared to a blog post, Google Search Ad, or podcast.
    Is there a single view or dashboard of the above from a reporting point of view? It should showcase each channel’s performance relative to its onset KPIs and ultimately must include a metric to show how the primary business objective is being influenced whether that be business leads, content engagement or visibility.

    An Integrated Approach For Success

    Evidence of the success of this integrated approach was clear with a new client the agency, which was recently named Best Small Integrated Search Agency at the annual MENA Search Awards, worked with, in December 2021.

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    The client’s social media strategy was aligned with Google Search, which yielded a 114% growth in traffic and a 168% growth year on year in conversions from social alone, despite budget and media spend remaining the same.

    Mickey Llew co-founder, Chris Avery adds that there is also no client that has not benefited from this approach. “Clients benefit from improved value being generated from marketing budget as well as a far greater comprehension of what marketing is ‘actually doing’ for the business,: he says.

    “Having done a significant amount of marketing integration over the past year in banking, manufacturing, mining and FMCG companies, I can assure you that there is no environment that is too complex for this level of alignment,” adds Jenkins