Lipton Introduces ‘Extra Strong’ Tea Variant

Lipton Introduces 'Extra Strong' Tea Variant
Lipton Introduces 'Extra Strong' Tea Variant

Lipton, a global tea brand, has introduced an exciting new tea variant for tea enthusiasts.

The variant, which has found favor in other markets, was only recently introduced to the Nigerian tea market.

The new addition to Lipton’s product line, Lipton ‘Extra Strong,’ was created to cater to tea lovers who prefer a stronger tea taste.

“We are overjoyed to introduce the new Lipton tea bag to our customers across Nigeria,” said Chiedozie Egbuna, Ekattera’s General Manager for West Africa.


We strive to create genuine connections between people with every cup of Lipton tea consumed, transforming each consumption moment into a quality connection. But we’re not just introducing Lipton Extra Strong Tea; we’re also working to strengthen human connections. In light of the pandemic, it is more important than ever and has been shown to make people feel happier and healthier.”

“At Lipton, we believe that tea brings people together, so we are here to help people be present in the moment and make those moments with a cup of tea more meaningful and special,” he noted.

“The new Lipton Extra Strong is a full-bodied tea bag with a stronger burst of flavor, a darker color, and a more intense, uplifting aroma,” Motunrayo Babalola, Country Brand Manager, Ekaterra, said at the event. “It is made using a new sunburst technology and high-quality sun-ripened tea leaves that have been freshly picked for their brightening, rich, and aromatic flavor.”

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“We introduced Lipton ‘Extra strong,’ amplifying everything people love and associate with the yellow label for those who prefer their tea stronger.” “You get double the taste, color, and goodness of tea with Lipton ‘Extra Strong,'” she confirmed.

Lipton is the world’s largest tea brand, with a presence in over 190 countries. Lipton has evolved into a well-loved and purposeful brand thanks to its inspiring heritage. Lipton has been at the forefront of promoting a healthy lifestyle among Nigerians through its product line. The brand’s “Extra Strong” variant has expanded its reach and, as a result, provided healthier options for the average Nigerian.