Delivering On Safety For Bolt Riders And Drivers

Bolt Business: Transforming Businesses With Fast, Affordable, And Secure Mobility Solutions
Bolt Business: Transforming Businesses With Fast, Affordable, And Secure Mobility Solutions

Ride-hailing is a good example of services that showcase the growth of technology in Africa, as the tool eases mobility. The service pairs a driver who uses his vehicle to augment his income with a rider who prefers the convenience of a ‘chauffeured’ trip to the hassle of public transportation or the challenge of driving.


In the form of an app, the ride-hailing platform is at the centre of making the pairing possible.

Recognising that the individuals being paired are strangers to one another, the question now becomes; how does a ride-hailing platform ensure the safety of its service? How do they solve the complexities of promoting safety for users and how do they resolve reports for both riders and drivers?

For Bolt, it is all about customer-centricity, which allows the company to engage its customers on a human level. Although the platform is facilitated by technology, Bolt is not simply an app but a team of dedicated and eager people ready to assist in all incidents related to customer comments, inquiries, feedback, and issues that are treated appropriately and promptly. The Customer Support and High Priority teams share this responsibility, allowing Bolt to relate with riders and drivers on a human-to-human connection.


As soon as the team receives a message from any of the channels, they thoroughly investigate to have a broader understanding of the issue and how to move forward with a personalised approach for all customers. While cases may look similar, no two cases are the same. While some can be resolved in less than 10 minutes, others might take longer because of the sensitivity of the case or having to contact other parties involved. The customer service team, however, tries to resolve all cases within 1 hour and escalate sensitive and safety-related issues immediately to the High Priority team.


The High Priority team handles cases like alleged robbery, assault, and other similar issues. They ensure that they reach every complainant within 1-2 hours of the complaint sent in and to give a final resolution within 24 hours. When Bolt’s High Priority team receives escalated issues, they investigate the customer’s claims ensuring that all parties involved are listened to. If the issue involves criminal activity, the customer is advised to report to the local authorities, then the team takes internal measures with findings to ensure that there is no repeat of the issue.”


A Large and Inspired Team is Required for Efficiency

Customer service is not seasonal. It requires a dedicated team available 24/7 to handle feedback and complaints. Bolt has over 100 customer service personnel all working different shifts for full coverage to ensure seamless and timely intervention to issues. To ensure productivity, the team operates a hybrid model where team members get to decide when to come to the office or work from home if their role allows it. This, it is revealed, inspires more productivity, engagement, and teamwork. The customer service team comprises individuals who truly love what they do and fit perfectly into Bolt’s customer-first value and stand by their mantra, ‘customer over ego’.

Safety Features on the Platform

Safety for both the riders and drivers is paramount. Over time, Bolt has expressed commitment to the safety of its customers on the platform. There are features on the app for both parties to help them when they are in a safety-related situation. For the riders, they have the safety toolkit button. Here, they can share details of their ride with friends or family members, so they can follow their trips online if they feel unsafe. Drivers also have the SOS button, which is connected to the state’s emergency services. They can request help when found in an unsafe situation.

Bolt has an Insurance Cover for Drivers and Riders

Bolt Trip Protection is an insurance cover underwritten by AIICO that seeks to protect both riders and drivers in the event of an unfortunate incident or an on-trip accident, robbery, or unrest. After investigating their issue, all customers are directed to the insurance provider for claims. The insurance covers both drivers and riders on all Bolt trips, with all reported cases treated with utmost urgency.

Channels for Customer Feedback

Bolt has also made it easy for customers to provide comments or feedback via email, its in-app function, and a phone number. These channels are preferred as these allow the team to find the customer’s account and provide resolution faster. The team is unable to request or transmit data on third party channels like Instagram and Twitter due to global privacy policies.  It can be frustrating to customers when they are asked to send an email, but it is so that Bolt is not failing in its duty to keep customer data safe.