How To Keep Your iPhone Secure

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    Mobile security is a topic that needs to be taken seriously since our phones are becoming more and more advanced yet personal. In this article, we will touch on how you can keep your iPhone secure.

    There is a general belief that iPhones are more secure than Android phones, Well, if that were 100% true, this article may not have been necessary. So, before we share the solution, let’s establish some security breaches that have affected iPhones recently.

    iPhones Security Vulnerability Making The Headlines

    One of the most publicized security flaws on the iPhone is the one involving the US State Department. The issue was that nine iPhones owned by members of the US State Department were hacked. The spyware used to hack them was developed by an Israeli-based NSO group.

    Another issue was one that happened in 15 seconds – in China! Every year a hacking competition holds in China called the Tianfu Cup. Hackers from around China would come to showcase their skills in breaking into computers and computer-based gadgets. At last year’s edition of the annual competition, the iPhone 13 pro was hacked in 15 seconds. Well, the thrill for iPhone breaches didn’t end there as an iPhone 13 pro was also jailbroken by a different hacker.

    It may seem like these are extreme cases, but extreme cases often become everyday cases if steps are not taken to stay safe and secure.

    Use These Tips To Keep Your iPhone Secure

    Change Your Password

    Yes, your password is the very first place you should think of when you decide to tighten up your iPhone security. Most iPhone users use very random passwords for their iPhones, ranging from their phone numbers to their date of birth. Consider changing your password, and often too. Because an easy password can easily be broken by anyone that gets hold of your iPhone.

    Try to use more secure passwords, make it more complex, vary the digits used, and even if you use a set of digits very familiar to you, try disorganizing them. Your password is a key to your device which contains very sensitive information about you like bank details, work-related files or important documents.

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    Stay Updated With The Latest Software

    There are a lot of vulnerabilities present in the iPhone operating system, and the team behind the design of this system work tirelessly to spot these loopholes. Whenever a loophole is spotted, it is fixed and the fix gets to users in the form of an update.

    An update to your iPhone is not all about new looks. Some security settings go into the update as well. So, when next you see an update on your iPhone, be quick to install it.

    If you are confused about how you can update your iPhone, go to “Settings” then click on “General” and tap “Software update.” You will see an update option if your iPhone is out of date. Install the update.

    You can as well set your iPhone to automatically install any update. In the software update settings page, turn on the download iOS update and install the iOS update option. To update your iPhone, you will need a stable internet connection, so make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi or your mobile data is on.

    Easy with the Downloads and link opening

    Be careful about the content that you download from unknown sources, or links you tap. These might come in the form of emails, forwarded WhatsApp messages, etc. Rebooting your phone on a weekly or biweekly basis can also help to flush away any lurking malware on your device.

    Please remember not to throw caution in the air by exposing your device unnecessarily, because an iPhone is secure as the wall of China. You have a responsibility to also protect your device.