How To Become A Digital Marketing Apprentice: Jaskaran’s Story

How To Become A Digital Marketing Apprentice: Jaskaran’s Story
How To Become A Digital Marketing Apprentice: Jaskaran’s Story

Meet Jaskaran, 20, from London. Find out about her job as a Level 3 digital marketing apprentice at ViacomCBS. Part of our Bitesize world of work series.

What do you do in your job?

Digital marketing is things like SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), email marketing and html – learning how to code and build websites.

I work in performance marketing, in the streaming department, across our streaming services. We advertise across various platforms, one of them being CTV (which is TV advertising on Smart TVs). We work with partners on the CTV platform and it is my role to make sure we have creative assets (images, videos and other media) for each one. We have to assess performance of those assets the previous month – looking at what really resonated with users and coming up with campaigns based on that.

What skills do you use?

Professional communication. We work across a lot of different teams and it’s really hard to make sure that everyone is aware of what is going on, so communication is important.

Also, teamwork and organisation – making sure you’re really on top of things, especially when you’re given projects from your manager as well as your digital marketing coach, because you want to thrive at work but you also want to thrive on your course.

What do you love about your apprenticeship?

I love the resources I have at hand and the support I get – having the opportunity to network and shadow as well as how my employer is really invested in my personal and professional development. I love to wake up and go to work because I am matched with such a great employer.

I also love being connected with apprentices who were there before me or after me, and with my existing cohort.

What was your educational career path?

I did Sociology, Economics and Media for A-level. When I left school I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I thought I would be good at finance, so I started chasing finance apprenticeships. And then I realised that I wasn’t necessarily the best at maths. I reflected on how I’d enjoyed Media at A-level and so I started looking at apprenticeships in media companies.

I chose an apprenticeship because I didn’t like how university was ‘one size fits all’ and very theory-based. I always knew even from my early days of A-levels that I wouldn’t be best suited to uni. I knew that if I didn’t acknowledge that and just went to uni I would probably struggle or waste time when I could be here getting hands-on technical and professional experience and support.

How did you get your apprenticeship?

I did a free digital marketing course online and I thought it was interesting. When it came to the apprenticeships application process I found I wasn’t shining through. I wasn’t getting picked or hearing back from employers. Through word of mouth I heard about Multiverse, where you can build a profile and really showcase your skill set. So, that gave me the platform to really show off my skills, and I could see what jobs were posted and get matched.

For my interview, I did a value assessment test and a final interview with my manager and their line manager.