KADIPA Provides 14 Sites To Investors

KADIPA Provides 14 Sites To Investors
KADIPA Provides 14 Sites To Investors

Khalil Nur Khali, Executive Secretary of the Kaduna Investment Promotion Agency (KADIPA), handed over 14 sites to investors last week as part of the Agency’s investment facilitation mandate.



According to a KADIPA statement, the companies, which include the agro-allied sector, pharmaceuticals, and a proposed university, will create over 3,000 direct and indirect jobs.



According to the statement, five companies located within the Kangimi Agricultural layout, including TG Agro, Agrival, Britannia, El Abdeh, and Ferrero Agro, “have a combined project cost of over $4,000,000 and will create more than 1000 jobs across the value chain.”



“The over 1000 hectares of green land layout, located along the Kaduna-Jos road, houses a dam, and has been approved to serve as one of Kaduna state’s agricultural clusters,” it added.



The Executive Secretary also led a team to “the Eastern Sector where he handed over site to Noor University,” adding that “the project cost is estimated at N2.5 billion and it is expected to create over 300 jobs.”



According to the statement, Nur Khalil oversaw the official handover of allocated land to H-Medix, a pharmaceutical company that will build a pharmacy and department store on Rabah Road.



This is the company’s first outlet outside of Abuja. The project is expected to cost N2.5 billion.




Furthermore, at the Afaka site, KADIPA has allocated land to four companies, which are expected to create 400 jobs and have a combined project cost of N420,000,000.



Aid Cargo, which was given land to build a rice mill, Al-Khaleefah Services Limited, which is expected to build a gas refill plant, Maccat Agro Allied, which will also build a rice mill, and Bright House Integrated Ventures Limited, which will build a warehouse for the manufacturing of paints and furniture, are the companies.


The Executive Secretary also oversaw the official handover of allocated land to four investors at the Dankande site, according to the statement.


According to the statement, the project cost of Asheejay Ventures, which will establish a furniture factory, will be $1 million.


Similarly, Y-Fab Pharmacy and Stores, which will establish a pharmaceutical factory at a cost of N15,000,000, will create approximately 100 direct jobs, according to the statement.



Standard Sacks Industries Limited, a sack manufacturing company with a project cost of N2,190,611,091 and an estimated job creation of over 200, was also given land at the Dankande site.


According to the statement, SAN-Trade Nigeria Limited will build a rice mill for N150 million, and the company will employ over 250 people.