Jet Fuel Price At Record High

Jet Fuel Price At Record High

Jet fuel prices recently soared to record high after rates were increased by 5.2% in line with a rise in international oil prices.

This is the fourth hike in jet fuel or aviation turbine fuel (ATF) prices in less than two months following a spike in global oil prices but petrol and diesel prices remained unchanged for a record 103rd day in a row, coinciding with electioneering to elect new governments in states like Uttar Pradesh and Punjab.

ATF price was hiked by Rs 4,481.63 per kilolitre or 5.2% to Rs 90,519.79 per kl in the national capital.

This is the highest ever price touched by ATF. The rate is higher than Rs 71,028.26 per kl reached in August 2008 when international crude oil prices touched $147 per barrel.