Nigeria Has Achieved Sufficiency In Fertilizer Production Says Governor Abubakar

Nigeria Has Achieved Sufficiency In Fertilizer Production Says Governor Abubakar

The Chairman of the Presidential Committee on Fertiliser and Governor of Jigawa State, Mr Mohammed Abubakar, has claimed that Nigeria has achieved sufficiency in fertilizer production for use by Nigerian farmers.

Mr Abubakar while visiting his Edo counterpart, Godwin Obaseki, said that since there was enough production of fertilizer in the country, the federal government had devised new ways to despatch the product to rural communities across the country at affordable prices.

He noted that the current policies in place for fertiliser blending plants had been opened across the country with enough stock for the past two years.

“Fertiliser has been available across the nation in the past two years, I know of fertiliser blending plants that have stock and they could not sell off; we are doing well with fertiliser production.

“We are working hard to make sure fertilisers are made available for the next farming season to all farmers,” he said.

On his part, Governor Obaseki praised his Jigawa state counterpart for his role in ensuring the local blending of fertiliser was reviewed across the country.

Mr Obaseki said that the Auchi fertiliser plant had been revived and disclosed that Abubakar was working with all stakeholders in ensuring the product gets to rural farmers.

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He praised Abubakar for always speaking on the need to diversify the economy, noting that although it takes time to diversify an economy, it was a journey Nigeria must take to strengthen its economy.