How To Easily Set Up A Conjoint In Minutes

    How To Easily Set Up A Conjoint In Minutes

    Have you ever had to deal with the complexity of setting up, running and analyzing a conjoint (or any advanced method for that matter)?

    Then your prayers are about to be answered. Join quantilope for an exciting session on how you can leverage an easy-to-use technology solution to build your own custom conjoints with minimal effort. This session will also cover how you can leverage the power of automation to easily launch and instantly analyze your conjoint data as soon as respondents start rolling in.

    Don’t worry if you’re not a conjoint expert – quantilope’s team of certified research consults are here to help! This session will include an overview of how you can easily set up custom attributes and levels, use pricing attributes and utilize automated analytic outputs like creating market scenarios, attribute importance, part-worth, price response function and more.