The World’s Most Searched For Jobs

The World's Most Searched For Jobs
The World's Most Searched For Jobs

Recruitment specialist, Seoforhire analysed the most googled jobs around the globe, in a bid to reveal which careers different cultures are searching for post-pandemic.

The Most Searched for Jobs are:

Jobs Search volume
Teaching assistant 287,400
Estate Agent 105,700
Project Manager 92,454
Prison Officer 91,477
Accountant 88,474
Social Worker 85,411
Counsellor 82,500
Photographer 81,000
Graphic Designer 74,855
Nurse 68,900



Here is a list of jobs by sector and country, being searched for over the last 12 months.


Science and Technology job searches


Country Job Search Term Search Vol
India Mechanical Engineering 486,000
South Africa Chemical Engineering 52,800
Pakistan Civil Engineering 34,800
Phillippines Mechanical Engineering 15,600
Nigeria Microbiology 7,080



Arts, Creative and Media Jobs


Country Job Search Term Search Vol
Italy Music Jobs 10,560
Malaysia Graphic Design 8,640
France Animator 3,566
Brazil Music Jobs 2,458
Romania Music Jobs 1,548



Health and Social Care job searches


Country Job Search Term Search Vol
Australia Social Worker 21,855
Ireland Nursing 8,452
New Zealand Conservation 3,840
Zimbabwe Social Worker 2,458
Kuwait Nursing 1,548



Finance focused countries

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Country Job Search Term Search Vol
United States Accounting 325,200
Canada Accounting 25,458
Kenya Accounting 11,456
Singapore Accounting 6,741
United Arab Emirates Accounting 5,787


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