Technological Trends That Will Dominate And Lead The Business Agenda In 2022

The promise of a 3-D-printed world is becoming reality
The promise of a 3-D-printed world is becoming reality

We asked industry, academic, and McKinsey leaders to share their perspectives on the technology trends that are likely to dominate business agendas this year, the ones that could—but should not—fall through the cracks, and what executives should consider when considering new technologies. Here’s what they had to say.



These are just a few of the technologies that are making headlines at the beginning of 2022. But, which technology trends are truly dominating business agendas this year? Which may be flying under executives’ radars but should be brought to light? What should business leaders remember as they consider these trends?


We asked members of the McKinsey Technology Council, a group of global experts assembled to assess, track, and debate real emerging trends in business and technology, for their thoughts on these issues. We specifically asked the following questions:


  • What technology trend do you think will dominate business agendas for the rest of 2022, and why?
  • What technology trend do you believe is flying under the radar of businesses but deserves more attention from executives?
  • What is one piece of advice you would give to business leaders who are thinking about incorporating new technologies into their operations?
  • Their responses may surprise you. While some leaders focused on cutting-edge technologies like quantum computing, others focused on bringing more rigor and operationalization to long-standing technologies like machine learning. And their advice to business leaders frequently indicates that some age-old issues, such as breaking down organizational silos and reskilling employees, are still relevant.



    Explore their responses and share the ones that speak to you the most—we’ve made it simple to share each one individually. Please let us know about any technology trends or questions you have by emailing us at [email protected].