How To Build A Brand Customers Love, Trust, And Remember

How To Build A Brand Customers Love, Trust, And Remember
How To Build A Brand Customers Love, Trust, And Remember

It’s never been more difficult to get and keep human attention as it is today. Our attention span has declined in the last 20 years than it did some 200 years ago, we just don’t pay attention like we used to. 

In a world of endless marketing noise and advertising clutter, how do you stand out? How do you make your customers remember your product and maintain strong top of mind awareness? You simply build a brand.

I love to say brands are stories and humans are drawn to great stories. The brands we care about the most are essentially the stories that resonate with us the most. So to build a brand customers will love, trust and remember, you simply need to tell deliberately curated stories. I’ll share a simple brand storytelling framework to help you achieve this.

1. Get Attention By Connecting

“The Brain Does Not Pay Attention to Boring Things” – John Medina.

Whatever business you’re in, you must learn to connect with your customers if you’ll get the results you desire. Even if you run a nonprofit, you’ll need to sell your mission (idea) to volunteers, donors and sponsors to help you achieve your goals.

How do you really connect with your customers?

You tell stories that get their attention in micro moments.

To ensure customers pay attention to your marketing and advertising, you’d need to pass what what I call the CONSIDERATION TEST within the first few seconds:

– Will they care about what you’re saying?

– Will they connect with your message?

– Are you using the right platform?

For example, on your website and product description, you should use copies that sparks curiosity and interest.

No one does this better than Apple.

No one does this better than Apple.

This takes us to the next idea.

2. Build Emotional Connections (Engage)

The engagement principle is about building emotional connections with customers.

This is what Nike, Tesla, and Apple all have in common — a cult-like community of customers.

It’s not enough to get your customer‘s attention, you’ll need to take it further by making sure your customers connect with you emotionally. People don’t buy the “best” products, they buy products they can connect with emotionally.

How do you do this?

Find a mission your customers care deeply about. Then bring them on a journey to achieve that mission. This creates an us vs them situation (Apple users vs others. Tesla users vs others). For your brand, this can result in keeping customers around for a lifetime.

3. Inspire Action

What do you feel when you see a Nike Ad? No matter who you are or where you’re from, I can guess you’ll feel inspired, motivated, or at the very least, you’ll feel like running.

What does your brand inspire your audience to do? What feelings do your communications evoke?

Dukiya, a leading real estate brand, brings this excitement about investing in real estate unlike any other brand. The brand makes you aspire to own a property.

That’s their story. There’s a story for every brand. You simply need to find yours.

Final words

In a world where your customers are flooded with infinite options, the only way to cut through the noise and get your message across is to tell great stories. Not just any story, but stories that resonate with your customers. And it’s not just limited to attracting customers, you can also harness the power of storytelling to pitch your ideas to investors, inspire your team and to create change in the world.

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