Sink your teeth into the new and improved range of 7-SELECT Sandwiches, made with exclusive Milk Bread and No Added Preservatives!

7-Eleven is taking things up a level and launching a new and improved range of 7-SELECT sandwiches to offer you and your family a tastier, more wholesome option to start the day with. From the bread, fillings, all the way through to the packaging, the 7-SELECT Sandwich range has been completely elevated!

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 16 March 2022 – With all of us striving to lead better lifestyles, we’re always on the lookout for convenient bites on the go that are tasty, wholesome and of good quality! Look no further, 7-Eleven is rolling out an improved range of nine 7-SELECT sandwiches to kickstart your day! Made with exclusive milk bread and using ingredients with no added preservatives, these daily delivered sandos are a simply delicious option to fuel you up day or night. Whether you’re working or studying late, need a snack during recess or a quick breakfast on the run, this new range will be sure to keep you going.