Geely Nigeria Launches New SUV

Geely Nigeria Launches New SUV
Geely Nigeria Launches New SUV

Geely Nigeria, a joint venture between Mikano International and Geely Autos, has announced plans to launch a new SUV soon.

According to a company statement, the global auto giant has had an exemplary run since establishing operations in Nigeria, establishing itself as one of the fastest-growing auto brands in the country.


Geely Global reported an impressive 78,478 sales volume worldwide in February, a clear indication for the brand in Nigeria.

Shortly before this, in 2021, it was announced that Geely would be the only Asian automaker to join the International Automotive Task Force, alongside BMW Group, Volkswagen AG, and Jaguar Land Rover Limited.

Mikano Motors successfully launched Geely Nigeria with the introduction of the X7Sport and Emgrand7 models, leveraging Mikano International’s formidable legacy.

This was quickly followed by the introduction of the Coolray SUV, which won the Nigerian Auto Journalists Association’s award for “Best Compact SUV- Design and Technology 2021.”

“From all indications, Mikano Motors-Geely Nigeria is set to shake up the Nigerian auto-industry once again with this innovative, game-changing addition,” the statement continued.