Jos Farming And Processing Ltd Launches Tomato Paste into The Market

Tomato Processing Firm Begins Production
Tomato Processing Firm Begins Production

Tomato Jos Farming and Processing Limited launched its much-anticipated Tomato Jos paste variant into the Nigerian market over the weekend in Kaduna.

Speaking at the event, which took place over the weekend in Kaduna, the company’s Managing Director, Mira Mehta, described the product’s introduction into the Nigerian market as “a dream come true.”

Despite the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, she says, “I feel encouraged whenever I see my colleagues’ passion for this business ignite.”

“I am incredibly proud of the Tomato Jos team for their hard work and belief that we could accomplish something on this scale,” she said.

The facility, according to Mehta, is “the only one of its kind in Nigeria that can produce sachet tomato products directly from fresh tomatoes.”

“The product is currently available throughout Kaduna State,” she said, adding that “we intend to expand to more states by the end of 2022.”

“The theme of our company for 2021 was ‘Let’s Do This!’ and, well, we did it!” Tomato Jos’s future appears to be bright.

“We will keep growing until we become a household name throughout Nigeria.”

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According to her, the tomato paste is the company’s first consumer product since its multibillion-naira factory in Kangimi, Kaduna state, began operations in 2021.

The processing plant is built on 500 hectares of land leased from the Kaduna State Government.

Mehta went on to say, “In January 2020, we broke ground on our tomato paste processing plant, and the factory was operational by March 2021.”

“The company has over 200 full/contract workers, as well as a network of over 3,000 smallholder farmers who partner with the company to grow year-round at yields well above the national average,” she said.


Tomato Jos has received investment support from the Central Bank of Nigeria through FCMB, Goodwell Investments B.V. through Alitheia IDF, VestedWorld, the Acumen Resilient Agriculture Fund, The Morning Star Company, and other private investors,” Mehta explained.