Win 1 Million Naira In Onepipe Writing Challenge

Win 1 Million Naira In Onepipe Writing Challenge
Win 1 Million Naira In Onepipe Writing Challenge

OnePipe recently announced a press writing competition with three grand prizes of one million naira each.

The writing challenge’s goal is to promote finance-focused journalism and quality reporting, with a particular emphasis on raising awareness and understanding of embedded finance.

OnePipe, a leading fintech API company, is launching the OnePipe Press Writing Challenge to recognize journalism and press reportage that demonstrates the value and application of embedded finance, allowing the public to better understand the concept.

The Issue aims to encourage and inspire more and better educational reporting and writing, as well as to emphasize the importance of good coverage and narrative as a cornerstone of increasing public awareness of embedded finance trends.

According to Forbes, embedded finance (also known as banking as a service) will generate $230 billion in revenue across a wide range of financial services by 2025, including payments, loans, and insurance.

This is important. As this technology becomes more widely used and integrated into non-financial websites, mobile apps, and business processes, greater public awareness is required.

Who Is Eligible To Apply?

All forms of media are welcome to participate in the Challenge. Journalists and members of the press are encouraged to enter the competition. They must be individuals (full-time, part-time, or freelancers) who are currently employed in a Nigerian magazine or general circulation newspaper.

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This includes daily and non-daily newspapers, broadsheet and tabloid publications, traditional and alternative publications, as well as syndicates and cooperatives that provide content for newspapers.

Editors, publishers, educators, journalistic organizations, and others may submit nominations.

The N1 million prize will be awarded to three people in recognition of published reporting that has resulted in information sharing, idea definition, trend analysis, and concept definition.