Lexus Continues To Innovate On Twitch With ‘Next Level’

Lexus Continues To Innovate On Twitch With ‘Next Level’

February 25, singer-songwriter and Twitch creator, Anelle, was voted by the Twitch community as the grand prize winner of “Next Level,” a livestreamed game show created by Lexus and Twitch to support up-and-coming talent.

She took home a $20,000 cash grant and promotion of a future livestream on the Twitch homepage. “Next Level” overperformed for sponsored streams, exceeding all of Twitch’s benchmarks by over 94%.

The collaboration is part of the luxury automaker’s launch campaign for its all-new 2022 Lexus NX next-generation crossover, which celebrates people who hustle for what matters to them.

“Building on our successful collaboration with Twitch last February, we upped the ante yet again,” said Vinay Shahani, vice president of Lexus marketing. “Twitch’s dynamic, creative audience is a natural fit for our new Lexus NX, with its bold design, intuitive technology, unmatched craftsmanship and connected driving feel.”

Lexus Continues To Innovate On Twitch With ‘Next Level’

The Twitch community was highly engaged with “Next Level” as they cheered on their favorite contestant throughout the two hours. There were 503,962 total views and 1,447,442 total minutes watched. “Next Level” is now available to watch as a three-episode series on the Lexus NX Amazon Fire TV anchor page, by saying “Alexa, open the Lexus NX experience.” The series is live from March 28 until April 10.

“Next Level” was hosted by real-time visual artist and Twitch creator TheSushiDragon. The other competitors were ThatViolinChick, genre-spanning violinist (runner-up), Domostanton, comic book artist, and SkyDaddi, a body painter.

The 2022 NX F SPORT provided a collaborative space where the streamers developed their pitches with TheSushiDragon and the Twitch community.

This is the second time Lexus has collaborated with Twitch. Last year, the Twitch community voted on their preferred modifications to transform a Lexus IS into the ultimate gaming vehicle, created for and by gamers.