Eureka Translations Expands Their Services To South Korea

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 12 April 2022 – Eureka Translations is delighted to announce its expansion overseas, with its first branch office being located at 431 Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. As part of Eureka Translations’ growth strategy, this helps the company extend its role as a critical player in the language industry.

As an Asian language specialist company, Eureka Translations aims to become a significant part of the translation industry in the Korean market by offering prompt, precise and professional translation services. By combining their primary translation services with other services such as graphic design and video editing, they hope to provide unrivalled services, especially in both cost and quality.

After taking the first step of expanding to Korea, Eureka Translations will form a strategic partnership with agencies such as KILSA Korea, a subsidiary of KILSA Global. With this partnership, both parties will be able to synergise their contributions to assist local Korean companies planning to expand overseas and vice versa.

Mr Eric Tan, Branch Director of Eureka Translations Korea, shared that what makes Korea unique is its globalisation, language and culture that can be thoroughly felt and experienced worldwide. He also expressed his appreciation for the privilege of working with numerous clients including local SMEs, major law firms, and government agencies in Singapore and Korea.

Mr Tan also stated that the new branch office would be their first overseas milestone towards their goal of deeper engagement towards expanding in the Asian market. He believes that their first physical foray into the overseas market is well-timed with the world currently re-emerging from the COVID-19 aftermath.

Eureka Translations is a one-stop translation service provider located in Singapore. Founded in 2014, they engage only native language professionals of specific languages as part of their professional translation services in Singapore. Their translation consultants follow the five Ps in their services: Prompt, Precise, Peerless, Prized and Progressive.

Whether you need assistance with the official translation of documents, hire a linguist for international meetings or even engage video editing or graphic design services to market to the public, Eureka Translations is here to lend a hand.

As part of their growing portfolio, some of Eureka Translations’ clients include Audemars Piguet, Drew & Napier, HP, Microsoft, Nintendo, P&G, J&J, Google, KOGAS (Korea Gas Corporation), etc.

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