Radisson aims for 150 hotels in Nigeria, among other things.

Radisson aims for 150 hotels in Nigeria, among other things.
Radisson aims for 150 hotels in Nigeria, among other things.

Bert Fol, Radisson Hotel Group’s Regional Director for Africa, stated that the brand intends to increase its hotel business operations in Nigeria and other African countries from 100 to 150 hotels by 2025.

He also stated that the company’s presence and operations in Nigeria would be doubled during this time period.

According to him, Nigeria is one of the company’s four focus countries on the continent, and as such, Radisson intends to aggressively expand its portfolio in the West African country.

During a news conference in Lagos, he stated this.

Fol, the hotel company’s new regional director for Africa, is expected to oversee operations in English-speaking African countries.

“It’s interesting to see that business is returning to Nigeria,” he said. The hotel industry has performed admirably despite going through a difficult period in the last two years. Thank you to our excellent Nigerian partners, as well as our excellent, dedicated, and passionate team. Africa is a huge focus for us within the company, which I’m sure no one in the room is surprised about.

“We have a lot of information about Radisson’s history in Africa.” We now have 100 hotels in Africa that are either operational or in the planning stages. These are signed contracts that have been confirmed. And it is our ambition and goal to increase that number to 150 hotels in operation or in the pipeline by 2025.

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To support potential conversions, the brand intends to develop each of its six brands in Nigeria, including the newest Radisson Individuals brand, as part of its expansion strategy.

“These ambitious expansion plans and the success of our hotels in Nigeria—even during difficult periods such as the COVID-19 pandemic, where our operational hotels in Nigeria continued to be market leaders not only in the country but on the continent—are only possible because of our wonderful partners and passionate teams,” Fol added.