DK Cuppa Tea x Starting over offer “The Blessing Tale” Afternoon Tea Set


Give a brand-new start of yourself today and find your own blessings!

The founder of Starting Over Espresso, Jeffie Cheung, is a cup tester accredited by the American Specialty Coffee Association and a two-time Hong Kong coffee roasting champion.

DK Aromatherapy was founded by founder Kat Lai in 1996 and has been rooted in Hong Kong for 26 years. Over the years, we have been committed to providing high-quality and intimate aromatherapy services to Hong Kong people, and have been invited to accept interviews from major TV stations (NOW TV, CABLE TV), radio stations (RTHK, Commercial Radio, Metro Radio), newspapers and magazines, and through the product , exhibitions, lectures and workshops, cooperation with organisations in different business sectors, etc., with our professional sharing, so that guests can achieve whole-person health and have a happy body and mind.