Growth, Inflation, And Adapting To Unpredictable Times

Inflation Report – September 2021

From boardrooms to grocery stores, inflation is affecting everyone. Prices are up over 7 percent in the United States and more around the world—with no signs of coming down anytime soon.

Businesses are already reeling, and tired, from two years of a global pandemic that required nimble, innovative solutions. But it’s time again to strategize, says Alex Abdelnour, a partner working with clients on growth strategy, price optimization, and revenue management.

Managing inflation effectively to limit disruption is possible, and Alex has helped identify a variety of tools and practices to help.

Alex grew up in Lebanon and came to the US in 2005 to earn his Ph.D. at Georgia Tech in engineering. He’s made Atlanta home and built a family of four children with his wife.

The inflation crisis is top of mind not only for his work, but for his family in Beirut, a nation that has been struck by soaring inflation. The currency has drastically devalued even as prices have skyrocketed.

We spoke with him to get insight into strategies that businesses and consumers need to weather the coming months.