Improving Local Rice Farming

Improving Local Rice Farming
Improving Local Rice Farming

Whatever method you prefer for cooking rice, the road to a satisfying dish can be long and winding. But where does the journey start? If you’re thinking of the kitchen or the local market, think again! It all starts on the rice farm!

Rice farmers play an important role in sustaining food security while helping to bring our favorite rice recipes to life. However, this has not been without challenges, including a poor land tenure system, a low level of irrigation farming, poor input distribution, limited training and financing, high post-harvest losses, and limited market access.

On a mission to address the numerous challenges that local rice farmers face, an indigenous rice manufacturing company, WACOT Limited, producers of Premium Big Bull Rice, has formed beneficial partnerships with some local rice farmers in several Nigerian states. The partnerships entail identifying the specific needs of local rice farmers wherever they live and empowering them to increase productivity, improve economic well-being, and ensure food security.

According to Nigeria’s Central Bank Governor, Mr. Godwin Emefiele, local rice production in the country is expected to increase to 9 million metric tonnes by 2021, up from 5.4 million metric tonnes in 2015, making local rice farmers even more important in ensuring food security.

WACOT Limited assists local rice farmers by providing training in a variety of communities so that they can gain hands-on experience in modern and improved rice farming techniques. This is in addition to providing credit and exposing them to efficient harvesting methods that use the most recent agricultural practices to ensure maximum output, improve yield, and derive a high return on investment.

Bello Musa, a rice farmer in Rafin Malam, described his challenges as low yield per hectare, a lack of access to credit, and a lack of exposure to modern rice farming practices. He praised WACOT Limited’s initiative, which has provided him and others with knowledge through training in modern rice farming techniques as well as access to credit over the last six years.

“WACOT Limited’s training has dramatically transformed my farming practice, resulting in an increase in yield.” WACOT Limited has solved more than half of our problems by providing access to credit, which has enabled us to secure viable inputs such as seeds and farm equipment. This collaboration has increased the profitability of my business,” Musa stated.

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Dan Tonka Buga, a rice farmer, also stated that access to credit to expand her rice farm was a major issue prior to WACOT Limited’s intervention. The five-year partnership with WACOT Limited has been fruitful, allowing her to expand from one-hectare farmland to 2.5 hectares. “In only the first year following harvest, I paid off a loan and was left with enough money to feed my family, expand my business, increase productivity, and climb the economic ladder.” Buga observed

As the June/July season approaches, many local rice farmers are gearing up for yet another harvest season. As interest in rice farming grows, manufacturers such as WACOT Limited, producers of Big Bull Rice, are helping to create an enabling environment for rice farmers across the country to increase annual yield and profitability while contributing to national food security.

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