TRON’s Metaverse Game WIN NFT HERO About to Make a Bang

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Media OutReach – 24 June 2022 – Recently, TRON released another metaverse game, WIN NFT HERO, in a bid to expand its GameFi territory. Like its predecessor WIN NFT HORSE of the WIN NFT series, this game has been born out of the concerted effort of TRON, APENFT, and WINKLink.

WIN NFT HERO’s trailer has received recognition from the player community upon its release, and the recent UI preview gives us another injection of confidence in the game. Firstly, it is a real “metaverse game”. The 3D models have given its art a futuristic touch, and players can control their characters to go on one adventure after another to explore the fantastic virtual world with no restraint. Watch the trailer:

WIN NFT HERO has a content-rich character growth system, allowing players to create different combinations of their heroes’ classes, skills, and gear to form a distinctive lineup. The modes it offers, as far as we know, include PvE expeditions, ranked single-player PvP games, multiplayer PvP battles, and adventures, and its metaverse attributes may bring it even more modes based on players’ demand.

The rise of GameFi can be attributed to blockchain games being able to cure the headaches of the traditional video game sector, such as disputes surrounding the monopoly, asset ownership, and fairness. Backed by the TRON public chain, WIN NFT HERO enables players to own their heroes, equipment, and other NFT assets. Users can trade NFTs in the marketplace after the game goes online. Moreover, the blockchain’s high performance and low gas fees give players a lower entry barrier and a smoother trading experience. In the meantime, players who earn rewards by winning battles and completing daily or event tasks can fully feel the charm of Play to Earn.

2021 has witnessed a bullish crypto market along with the rise of GameFi. As of now, the trading volume in GameFi-related coins has reached a cumulative $480 billion, with the player count continuing to climb up. As the metaverse stays under the spotlight of the global capital market, the turf war among public chains in GameFi has also escalated. Whichever leads the GameFi sphere will develop a larger ecosystem in the future. This explains why WIN NFT HERO is now deemed a priority of TRON. It is foreseeable that a new trend will be spurred after the game’s debut and WIN NFT HERO will become a must-play for all GameFi players.

Having launched its closed beta in May, WIN NFT HERO is going through some final touchups with new progress on the horizon. Let’s stay tuned for more exciting opportunities it will have to offer!

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