Anchor Insurance Launches Cover For Air Travellers

Anchor Insurance Launches Cover For Air Travellers
Anchor Insurance Launches Cover For Air Travellers

Anchor Insurance Company Limited has launched a cover to protect air travellers and their luggage while travelling.

The Managing Director of the company, Mr Ebose Augustine, assured the insuring public of value during the launch of retail product called ‘Local Passengers’ Flight Welfare Scheme’, which was recently approved by the regulator, the National Insurance Commission.

The product was launched in Lagos on Monday and was attended by officers from the Airline Operators of Nigeria and other travel practitioners.

Augustine said, “The main purpose of the Local Passengers’ Flight Welfare Scheme which, essentially, is a single product, is to meet up passenger legal liabilities; compensate for losses encountered by passengers including baggage delay, mishandled baggage and loss of baggage; provide financial benefits for the harm done to the health and life of the insured person or to compensate for lost wages during temporary or permanent disability as a result of unexpected and short-term external factors or unforeseen circumstances, for example: accidents.”

The insurance protection, he said, would be run in accordance with the stipulated regulations on obligatory personal accidents insurance on transport.

According to the current regulations, he said, passengers were considered insured from the moment of processing the check-in to the period of un-boarding and receipt of luggage.

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The policy terminates from the point the passenger collects or takes his/her luggage at the arrival hall, he said.

Speaking on the benefits, he said, “During the life of the scheme (that is from the time of announcement of boarding to the point of taking his/her luggage at the destination airport), any affected passenger will be entitled to the following benefits:

“Financial lump sum payment to the passenger’s named beneficiary upon the occurrence of fatality or death of a passenger as a result of an accident while boarding or onboard the aircraft.”