UK Tech Company Oneid® Partners With Docusign

UK Tech Company Oneid® Partners With Docusign
UK Tech Company Oneid® Partners With Docusign

OneID® announced it has been named a DocuSign partner. The partnership means OneID® can provide government-certified identity verification to DocuSign eSignature, the company’s leading esignature solution, with a simple customer journey.

OneID® can authenticate the identity of all online banking users which equates to over 40 million UK citizens, a figure which is steadily increasing. OneID®’s technology provides an enhanced layer of protection to electronic signing to help corroborate the identity of signatories of important documentation to protect companies and their clients. As the number of companies working remotely increases, it is more important than ever to ensure that all e-signing processes are secure.

DocuSign cares passionately that its service is secure, and customers can use eSignature for customers to use with confidence. The company follows a compliance process to keep documents and electronic signatures safe. It also employs the latest technology and industry knowledge to keep customers safe from fraud and attackers. By integrating OneID® into the process there is a further layer of robust protection for DocuSign eSignature users.

Secure Signing

With DocuSign eSignature, users can securely send and sign documents from almost anywhere in the world, with current customers including LinkedIn, AstraZeneca, and Unilever. Their most recent integration with OneID® into their customer journey will boost already strong safety measures for their UK users.

OneID® enables individuals to verify their identity quickly and effectively in a way that is secure and provides bank-verified data. It requires no registration process, does not store any personal data, and removes the need for scanning passports or taking selfies to authenticate your identity online.

Trust is at our core in OneID® and we have initiated programmes addressing the issues of purchasing restricted goods by underage buyers, reducing fraud, and preventing social media abuse. Now, alongside DocuSign, we are proud to be enhancing safety measures for eSignatures on important documentation to protect consumers and businesses from impersonation fraud and scams.

Who is OneID®?

OneID® is a government-certified, UK-based identity tech company that makes it easier for people to prove who they are online by accessing bank verified and secured data. This ground-breaking technology can authenticate the identity of all users of online baking, which is over 40 million people in the, UK in a way that is secure, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and certified to DCMS Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework. OneID®’s products have already appealed to a wide range of businesses in the UK.

OneID® was launched in 2019 and was founded with a strong social purpose to create trust online. It aims to be the first privately funded public utility and is dedicated to having a positive social impact which is visible through its commitment as a certified B-Corporation. The technology they have developed does not store or exploit personal data but enables businesses and consumers to access bank verified and secured data to operate safely when online.

So why Secure e-Signing?

Fraud is rapidly increasing around the globe and the fraudsters are continuously looking for alternative ways of defrauding companies and individuals. When physically signing a document, organizations can perform identity checks in-person to ensure the signer is who they say they are. But when you move into the online world this is not possible. We sign documents for some of our most important company and individual reasons from a new contract award with a company, to a new job or buying a house. All these use cases could be vulnerable to fraud. How do we know the person on the end of the email address we have just sent that important contract to, is who they say they are?

This is where DocuSign Identify and OneID® come in. This integration ensures that when an individual signs a document you know they are who they say they are even before they can access any information contained in the document, without building in additional checks and friction of digitized identity documentation which can of course be forged. The check is simple and takes seconds, ensuring you know with certainty that the signer is who they say they are.


Electronic signing is now commonplace but is still vulnerable to fraud. Digital identities allow companies to know with certainty who is signing a document online and prevent the potential of fraudulent identities. The OneID® process is simple, available to all users of online banking which is over 40 million people in the UK and can be done in seconds, giving organisations the peace of mind that their important documents are signed by the person they expected.