Eko Disco Is Expanding Its Services In Ajah And Ibeju

Eko Disco Is Expanding Its Services In Ajah And Ibeju
Eko Disco Is Expanding Its Services In Ajah And Ibeju

The Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC) has promised to tackle the issue of electricity supply in its network, while its customers complain about insufficient power supply and estimated billings.

Dr. Tinuade Sanda, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Eko Disco, assured customers during a customer forum held in Ajah and Ibeju that the management was aware of the issues affecting power supply in the areas and had thus organized the platform to address the situation.

“On behalf of the MD/CEO of Eko Disco, I would like to appreciate your support for our company as we cannot be in business without you, our esteemed customers,” Sanda said at the meeting, who was represented at the meeting by the Chief Finance Officer, Mr. Joseph Esenwa. We have come here today to listen to your challenges, resolve them as our customer service team is on the ground, and address any that we cannot resolve here today by our management team at your districts or the head office.”

Customers and representatives from various Community Development Associations (CDAs) in Ajah and Ibeju explained the issues affecting electricity supply in their communities. The majority of complaints concerned insufficient power supply, while others concerned metering, estimated billing, and safety issues within the company’s network.

Esenwa wrote to customers, explaining that while some of the complaints were specific to EKEDC, many were due to general issues affecting electricity supply across the country.

On the issue of insufficient power supply, the CFO stated that the Disco, in recent times, does not receive its due allocation of supply from the national grid due to low power generation, and manages the insufficient supply it receives from the grid.

He did, however, inform customers about ongoing efforts to resolve the situation, such as CBN loans for Capex projects to TCN and Discos, which will ensure the procurement and rehabilitation of many electricity infrastructures in Nigeria to improve power supply.

In terms of metering, Esenwa advised customers to enroll in the Meter Asset Provider (MAP) scheme to obtain prepaid meters. He also announced the start of mobile metering within the company’s network, assuring customers that the process would reach their areas in due time.

The CFO ascertained by requesting continued customer support, particularly in the area of reducing energy theft, which contributes to the high billings that customers are experiencing. Furthermore, he urged them to notify their respective communities and engage their local security networks in order to apprehend the perpetrators, who typically commit the heinous act at night.