Here’s how How Applied Machine Learning Days (AMLD) Africa Impacted The Continent

Here’s how How Applied Machine Learning Days (AMLD) Africa Impacted The Continent
Here’s how How Applied Machine Learning Days (AMLD) Africa Impacted The Continent

AMLD Africa , a free Machine Learning conference, makes it possible for anyone in Africa to learn about AI with world-class speakers and entities. 

15.7 trillion US$. This is the expected contribution of Artificial Intelligence to the global economy by 2030 according to PwC’s report “Sizing the Price” . Here’s how Applied Machine Learning Days (AMLD) Africa is offering free access to high-quality education around AI to democratize AI in Africa, and ultimately, contribute to making sure Africa has a fair share of “the Price”.

The more African can learn, grasp, and be inspired by AI, the more existing projects (or new ones) will leverage data to create a social, economic, and cultural value in local environments. It is with the same ambitious vision that AMLD Africa’s second edition will present AI through an African Lens from the 3rd to the 5th of November at the prestigious Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) in Ben Guerir, Morocco.

AMLD Africa is a 3-day conference that consists of both inspiring talks and instructive workshops. Speakers will have an opportunity to inspire African talents, teach those who would like to improve their technical skills and strengthen the African Data Science community such as Zindi. Consequently, AMLD Africa’s conference will embody its motto: Democratizing Machine Learning in Africa.

For their first edition, AMLD Africa was able to present a truly comprehensive platform that included academics from Stanford, the University of the Western Cape and EPFL, corporates from IBM, Google, entrepreneurs and even the Assistant Director of the UNESCO. 3000 participants from all over the continent (50 African countries) were able to contemplate a true picture of AI, a picture where every entity was able to add its colour to make the whole as accurate as possible. If you too are a motivated and passionate AI enthusiast, you can embellish this year’s painting by clicking here ( to apply for a talk or a workshop.

When asked on how to retain talent in the african continent: “It is a matter of identifying important problems, and having the opportunity and tools to solve them. Furthermore, the increase of start-ups creates a dynamic and go-ahead environment for machine learning engineers and researches. If we manage to create such an ecosystem, we will be able to bring change, through solving long lasting problems.” A future of Shared AI Knowledge, Opening Keynote, Moustapha Cisse – Head of the Google AI Center in Accra, Ghana.

AMLD Africa not only includes both entities and individuals, but also has a cross-industry approach. Since AI is impacting every sector – finance, national security, healthcare, etc. – of private and public life, AMLD Africa presents the talks within tracks: Healthcare, agriculture and even entertainment for example. Whether it is “Detecting cervical cancer with a smartphone-based solution”, “Measuring and optimizing agricultural production using aerial imagery” or even music generated by AI (that you can listen to in the video below), the talks tackle actual challenges and conveyed the idea that technology is not a goal itself, but rather a tool for the minds and sometimes the ears.