iMind — One of the Best Tools for Conducting Online Conferences With A Large Number Of Participants According To Customers’ Reviews

iMind — One of the Best Tools for Conducting Online Conferences with a Large Number of Participants According to Customers' Reviews
iMind — One of the Best Tools for Conducting Online Conferences with a Large Number of Participants According to Customers' Reviews

Video conferencing for most in the U.S. is already a familiar thing. Even 5 years ago, video conferencing platform was a hard-to-reach technology: to use it, you had to buy an expensive camera, and conduct high-quality Internet, which was available to very few in the U.S.A. Now a lot has changed: the Internet has become faster, the webcam has become cheaper, and almost every laptop and smartphone have a built-in front camera. In general, video conferencing tool for companies is now available to everyone, and this significantly expands the horizons of human capabilities.

iMind — One of the Best Tools for Conducting Online Conferences With A Large Number Of Participants According To Customers' Reviews - Brand Spur

Why iMind Is a Great Business Conferencing Platform in the United States?

When conducting any type of broadcast with, there are many opportunities for monetization and audience expansion. For example, if you organize a simultaneous display of a presentation on the site and on all social networks with a screen sharing function during a call, then the audience coverage will increase several times. And feedback in the form of likes and reposts will turn into a chain reaction, which will bring the event to a higher level. To broadcast online sports matches or shows, you will need several cameras and operators. But it will make the team known to a wider circle of fans, and it will help advertise the team’s sponsors.

You can organize paid access, for example, to training or master classes. Selling special links with a code will open access to the lecture only to those who purchase them. To monetize your knowledge, you can create a video course of materials based on the recording of online broadcasts, which you can then sell separately. You can read about more benefits on the official iMind Facebook account.

Specialists can also arrange unique shows for people of certain professions. For example, a world-famous surgeon can perform an operation that will be broadcast on a screen in a conference room with good volume and noise suppression. And the audience will not only watch his work but also listen to his explanations.

All that is required to join the software solutions for video communication and video conferencing is a personal computer, tablet, or smartphone with a camera and microphone. The video conferencing programs themselves are completely free, which means several tangible advantages:

Availability: minimum initial investment (PC+webcam+microphone/smartphone/tablet)

The ability to talk and conduct video conferences with several participants at once: is enough for everyone to have their own device with a camera.

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The Features Offered by iMind in the USA

iMind is appropriate for both large enterprise participant and small businesses with up to 100 employees.

Effective video and audio quality improvement is the primary need for video conferencing solutions. In Mind, you may share a screen or documents in HD, broadcast a picture from a webcam, and manage the transmission quality. You can decrease the video quality so that everyone can participate in an online conference. This is crucial when your network is busy.

Despite the fact that the iMind platform is easy to use, each organizer or admin will be able to customize it for themselves – set a password for the event, enable chat pre-moderation, create a video conference with your own settings for restrictions for a participant, or even change the quality of the broadcast picture, which is useful when the connection is weak.

Use professional tools to get the most out of your interactions with your colleagues: share your screen online, transfer files, record video conferences, and use chat for business.

And the rich functionality will increase the efficiency of internal communication and provide ample opportunity to customize the platform “for yourself”:

  • moderated chat;
  • screen or window sharing;
  • documents and cloud storage with a convenient directory;
  • quickly add colleagues or students;
  • virtual meeting rooms;
  • ability to set a password for an event or meeting.

How Can You Join iMind Conferences?

With only one click, the application will launch a video conference. Despite its simplicity, the system contains a surprising amount of administrative feature sets that allow anybody to set up a video conference for themselves, so to speak, “turnkey”.

What Do Users Say About the Platform: iMind Reviews

Read the iMind reviews here to make sure it will satisfy all your business needs.

Video communication technology is positioned all over the world today primarily as an effective tool for optimizing business processes, including reducing the number of business trips, and saving on hospitality, transportation, and overhead costs.

Currently, videoconferencing is no longer such an expensive technology as it was a few years ago, and not only large but also rather limited companies can afford it.