App Based Mobile Gaming Market In Nigeria Is Set To Be Worth $126 Million In 2023

App Based Mobile Gaming Market In Nigeria Is Set To Be Worth $126 Million In 2023
App Based Mobile Gaming Market In Nigeria Is Set To Be Worth $126 Million In 2023. Image source: Pixabay

Mobile gaming has gained a rapidly expanding fanbase in Nigeria as part of the increase in gaming overall. This increase has led to around four in ten Nigerians participating in gaming activities. Given these numbers, it’s not surprising that experts predict the future of gaming online in Nigeria will be positive. The youthful population is one of the main reasons for the increased interest in gaming in the country, together with improved Internet penetration. These factors have a powerful influence on the world of mobile gaming.

Expansion of the mobile gaming market in Nigeria

Expert estimates suggest that the Nigerian app-based mobile gaming market will be worth around $126 million by 2013. This figure compares with an estimated global value of around $164.10 billion by the end of 2022. Given this high estimated worth, it’s not surprising that the number of mobile gamers is also expected to increase to around 104.9 million.

The rise in the number of mobile gamers in Nigeria is commensurate with the increased number of smartphones in use in the country. At present, this number stands at around 25 to 40 million. According to Statista, it’s expected to increase to approximately 140 million by 2025. This higher figure means that the number of people participating in mobile gaming should also increase.

In addition to smartphone usage, Internet penetration is a factor in the number of people gaming in Nigeria on mobile devices as well as PCs and consoles. In January 2022, more than 109 million people had access to the Internet in Nigeria. This is the highest number of users in an African country. Egypt has the second highest number of users, with 75 million. Across all Internet usage in Nigeria, 82% is generated on mobile devices. However, there are still a significant number of gamers who choose to use a PC or console instead of, or as well as, a mobile device.


Gaming on PC and console

In Nigeria, around 0.8 million gamers use a console, and about 1.3 million use a PC. There are several reasons why some people prefer console and PC gaming to mobile. For example, using a PC for gaming presents more options for customisation. There is also an opportunity to use peripherals such as joysticks and wireless controllers. For some serious gamers, personalising their play is an essential part of the experience. A further reason for choosing PC gaming is being able to experience the game on a large high-res screen. This type of screen provides a more immersive experience than using a smartphone or tablet while gaming. The result is impactful when you add a powerful processor to the mix.


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The best of both worlds

Although some gamers are die-hard fans of a particular platform and will not vary their choice, many people enjoy the flexibility of cross-platform gaming. Top franchises like Fortnite, Minecraft, and Hearthstone are popular across mobile, console, and PC. The same applies to casino games which are increasingly popular in Nigeria. According to Statista, revenue from this games market is expected to reach US$0.69 million in 2022. The great thing about this market is the wide range of games people can play, from online bingo to pai gow poker to online blackjack. There are so many casinos to choose from, but the best sites will have top-of-the-range security measures, various payment methods, and excellent customer service. People choosing to play in this sector benefit from access to international options such as online casinos in Kuwait, which provide an extensive gaming experience.  You can take advantage of great welcome bonuses, including a $3000 bonus offer or a $1500 deposit bonus + 150 free spins! Given the variety of cross-platform gaming choices, it’s easy to see why the flexibility is popular with many people.

However, the impressive and rising value of the app-based mobile gaming market in Nigeria is a good indication that this is the sector where the most gaming interest lies. Given the increasing smartphone usage in the country, it’s likely that this will continue to be the case. However, if the expected investment in professional gaming happens, this may also lead to a rising interest in PC and console gaming, with the overall gaming industry set to expand.