Ibom Icon Hotel & Golf Resort Gets A Facelift

Ibom Icon Hotel & Golf Resort Gets A Facelift

Ibom Icon Hotel & Golf Resort has reopened parts of its facility to the public after undergoing different degrees of renovation while planning to embark on a significant refurbishment exercise.

At first glance, returning guests to the room area will notice the change of carpets, cleaner walls and newer ceilings. But what they may not see are the changes that happened above the ceiling and within the walls.

Ibom Icon Hotel & Golf Resort Gets A Facelift - Brand SpurSpeaking to the press after an inspection tour of the facility, the general manager, Mr Charles Muia, explained that the mini renovation was necessary irrespective of the meagre resources available because the hotel always looks out for the guest’s comfort and will stop at nothing to achieve that.

“We are glad to have completed this phase of the mini renovation in the room area. It wasn’t the easiest of things to do, looking at the economy and the funds available. As you know, we are a five-star hotel, and this management has its eyes on the goal of constantly raising the bar by providing and maintaining a world-class facility and top-of-the-pyramid service to our guests while serving the communities. We are happy that guests were happy with our facility before now and will be happier when they come again.”

Ibom Icon Hotel & Golf Resort Gets A Facelift - Brand Spur

Mr Charles also mentioned that the hotel management is working hard to commence a major refurbishment of the facility, which will spread into other areas of the hotel. He said, “In its 15 years of existence, this hotel has never gone through a major refurbishment, and that brought about issues here and there in the facility.

I won’t bore you with what the standard practice is. However, now that we are done with the soft renovation, we are working round the clock to commence a major refurbishment that will make the whole hotel look new again, including making the rooms have a more modern look, feel and function.”

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Journalists were taken to Room 158 of the hotel, which looked different from the other rooms in the hotel. The room was described as the mockup room, a sample of what the other rooms will look like after the major refurbishment. From the new walls to the furniture, the bed, the lighting system, the tilling, carpeting and the bathroom, this room beats the current rooms in terms of beauty, class and functionality.

The management of the hotel has invited members of the public to go see for themselves and enjoy the variety of offerings at Ibom Icon Hotel and Golf Resort.

Ibom Icon Hotel & Golf Resort Gets A Facelift - Brand Spur

Charles went on to list other management achievements including the restoration of the street lights at the welcome street of the hotel and the restoration of the marina club and the Jetty there.

“When we came in, there were two items really strategic that we said we must do. Firstly the Jetty at the Marina was important because a place of this magnitude should provide people with transportation options for ease and experience.

With the work done so far at the Marina, we can say that Ibom Icon Hotel & Golf Resort is accessible through Land, Air and Water. So whichever means of transport you choose to use. Secondly, we also met the streetlights at a stretch before the hotel gate nonfunctional, which limited visibility at night.

For us, it was an issue of security and guest experience, so we fixed them. Today when you are driving into our facility, you feel more secure while enjoying the great ambience provided by those lights”.

Located at the end of Nwaniba Road, with a lush palm forest, IBOM ICON Hotel & Golf Resort invites you to discover and experience its beauty, offerings, and service as the promise to provide you with ONE EXPERIENCE FOR A LIFETIME OF MEMORIES