Cyber Crime: Risks You Need To Look Out For In Ransomware Attack

Cyber Crime: Risks You Need To Look Out For In Ransomware Attack
Cyber Crime: Risks You Need To Look Out For In Ransomware Attack

As ransomware has become the attack of choice for cybercriminals, we ask the question: Is cyber insurance a valuable tool in the fight against ransomware or an incentive for cyber extortion attacks? Does having a cyber policy in place make it more likely that victims will pay out?

Join us in person at the Cyber Risk and Insurance Innovation Europe 2023 event (February 7, 2023, London) to get the answers to these pertinent questions. You will hear directly from 40+ leading cybersecurity and risk experts who will share novel tips and best practices, helping you to understand the current ransomware landscape and what threats you need to watch out for.

To find out what role cyber insurance plays in the battle against ransomware, download the event brochure here. Plus you’ll receive an exclusive discount code to register for the upcoming event.

By joining us in London in February, you’ll meet and hear from:

  • Alessandro Lezzi, Focus Group Leader International Cyber & Tech CyEx, Beazley
  • William Wright, Partner and Director, Paragon International Insurance Brokers
  • James Creasy, Head of Cyber and Technology, London, Axis
  • James Tuplin, SVP, Head of International Cyber Underwriting, Mosaic Europe

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During this event, you’ll gain access to expert insights on how cyber insurance can best protect insureds to strengthen cyber resilience, and other dilemmas facing policyholders, re/insurers, brokers, managing general agents, industry bodies and solution providers in the battle against ransomware.

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These are just some of the questions senior cyber experts will answer:

  • What risk controls are vital in protecting against ransomware and other cyber incidents?
  • Do business leaders understand the current ransomware landscape and what threats they need to watch out for?
  • With premiums rising and coverage falling, and most cyber insurance claims now involving ransomware, what are the prospects for the cyber insurance market? Can it drive insurers from the market or from covering ransomware attacks altogether?
  • How can cyber insurance help protect your organisation and fortify your cyber resilience? How does it handle the challenges posed by ransomware? (reputation, financial loss, data breach, etc)
  • What sort of public–private partnerships between the insurance industry and government would be effective for tackling ransomware?
  • Cryptocurrencies as a major enabler of ransomware attacks: What can be done to slow cybercriminals’ growing return in crypto?

Download the brochure to the access the full speaker line up, full agenda, and exclusive discount for the event in February.