The Importance Of Creating A Digital Map Of Your Business

The Importance Of Creating A Digital Map Of Your Business
The Importance Of Creating A Digital Map Of Your Business

Just like a standard map on the wall of any fire-safe business, the modern company requires a virtual map to represent them in cyber space.

The last five years have seen massive changes for SMEs everywhere. Now you don’t just need to be a salesperson, stock supervisor, office manager, shipping expert, and procurement supervisor – you also need to learn to run a website. The longer SME owners spend building a presence in the virtual world, the more they develop key skills. One of the newer key skills SME owners everywhere are learning about includes digital site mapping. But what is a digital map and why do you need it? Let’s find out.

What is Digital Mapping for Business?

Creating a site map of your business is called site mapping. Your IT department will create a site map of your website and online resources for you in a larger company. However, when you run an SME, you are the one in the driving seat.

Generally speaking there are two different types of digital mapping. You can map the applications in your website (see for an in-depth description) and you can map out your site.

The Benefits of Application Mapping

When your business uses multiple apps during the work day, it becomes trickier and trickier to remember which app does what. At its core, application mapping changes your IT infrastructure to put all your applications into one functional plan. Once mapped, you can amalgamate into a centralized system, optimize system speeds and data transfers, develop platforms which make it easier to control, and even prevent those little annoying quirks each individual IT application has.

The benefits of application mapping are improved speed and therefore boosted productivity, less irritation during your working day, and smoother running tech.

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The Benefits of Site Mapping

The most obvious perk for businesses engaging in site mapping lies in cyber security. Whenever you want to roll out a new software system, change protocols, or switch servers, your client information is at risk. Site mapping allows your IT experts to manage pages and weak spots they might otherwise have missed. A sitemap is beneficial for SERPs, too. Sitemaps allow the Google bots to crawl your pages and effectively map them all out. This increases your online visibility, boosts leads, and ultimately brings in more sales.

Site mapping increases your SME’s online visibility, bringing in more traffic while increasing cyber security potential in your system.

Digital Mapping Provides Improved Security

Mapping your online resources is the best way to ensure full coverage from your cyber security tech. As businesses begin to accept and use emerging technologies, SME owners need to keep their eyes on security. Of course, evolving tech has one hand on the security pulse anyway, but merging always leaves your business vulnerable. Digital mapping gives your cyber security experts access and full knowledge of every aspect of your virtual storefront. This way, nothing gets left out during mergers or moves.

Site and application mapping both boost business. Can you afford to do without?